9 Ways to Make Homesteading Easier for Beginners

Homesteading is a fantastic way to learn more about life and develop an appreciation for what we have. By becoming self-reliant, we learn to live our own lives. We have more control over what we eat. We ultimately get more freedom in the choices we make. However, homesteading can also be difficult to switch to if you’re fairly new. This is why it’s important to ease yourself into the lifestyle and slowly make changes that you can adapt to. You will always be looking for ways to make homesteading easier.

So whether you’re trying to introduce a friend or family member to homesteading, or if you’re a beginner yourself and want a bit of help easing yourself into it, here are a couple of tips that you should follow. These should make homesteading easier.


make homesteading easier

9 Ways to Make Homesteading Easier for Beginners



1. You set your own rules

Homesteading has many different definitions and limitations. Some people enjoy living very primitive lifestyles where they avoid electricity and the internet altogether. Others find it acceptable to have some creature comforts such as television, computers and even smartphones. Just remember that homesteading is unique to everyone that does it and you don’t need to follow the exact same rules as someone else. You have to decide the things that make homesteading easier for you and your circumstances.



2. Give your kids chores

Not only does it give your kids something to do when they’re not on their smartphones and computers, but it also encourages them to exercise and it helps you manage things around the house. Whether it’s bringing in firewood, tending to your garden or even just hanging out the clothes to try, make sure you get your kids involved in the lifestyle. The more your family is involved the more it will make homesteading easier for everyone.


make homesteading easier


3. Learn how to garden

If you’re going to homestead then you’ll need to learn how to garden. Growing your own crops is part of the experience. If you’re not getting involved, you’re missing out on a lot of what makes homesteading so enjoyable and liberating. Having a garden will make homesteading easier by allowing you to “shop” at home for a majority of your groceries.


make homesteading easier


4. Teach yourself DIY skills

It’s unlikely that you’re going to get a plumber who’s willing to come out to your property and fix an issue. And it’s not like they offer 24/7 services either unlike in the city. As a result, you’ll want to learn how to deal with these types of issues yourself. Pick up some DIY skills such as basic plumbing and electrician skills. Also, learn some other practical skills such as sewing so you can repair and create your own garments. You could even do your own home improvements once you’re confident and have the tools to do so. Knowing how to do these simple repairs and improvements is another great way to make homesteading easier.


make homesteading easier


5. Pest management skills

Growing your own food is a pain unless you know how to manage pests and rodents. It may be small animals sneaking onto your farm and eating everything or bugs that infest and chew up all of your crops. To make homesteading easier, you need to learn how to deal with each pest in their own specific way.


make homesteading easy


6. Securing clean water

Another way to make homesteading easier on yourself and your family is to secure good drinking water. Whether it’s searching for the best countertop water filter or making sure that your well is safe to drink from, it’s crucial that you secure clean water in some shape or form. This is going to depend on how self-reliant you want to be. Not every homesteader relies on a well. Some are absolutely fine routing water from the main pipe to their property. Either way, make sure you have potable water coming into your home for cleaning, drinking and watering your garden.


make homesteading easier


7. Start small

One of the best ways to make homesteading easier is to start with a small farm then slowly upgrade instead of trying to overwhelm yourself at the beginning. Homesteading is a constant learning experience. It’s vital that you take in information at a pace that is acceptable for you instead of trying to cram years of experience and knowledge into a single season.


make homesteading easier


8. Seek out a mentor or friend

The best way to make homesteading easier is to have help. If you want to learn the best tricks and tips for homesteading, then it’s a good idea to seek out a mentor or a friend that is also interested in homesteading. Speak with them on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice when you’re in a pinch.



9. Have some savings

Homesteading is a life of self-sufficiency. There are always emergencies that need to be taken care of. It’s good to have some savings ready for these situations. Be it an urgent repair that you need to take care of or extra food supplies due to a mistake in your farming, it’s never a bad idea to have money reserves to help you recuperate from a mistake. having a savings account or an emergency fund is a great way to make homesteading easier.


Homesteading can also be difficult to switch to if you’re fairly new. This is why it’s important to ease yourself into the lifestyle and slowly make changes that you can adapt to.


As you can see, easing yourself into the homesteading lifestyle can easily be achieved if you’re willing to adapt and make some changes. You should also learn to not be so hard on yourself. Homesteading is all about self-reliance. But there are times when it’s fine to revert back to your previous lifestyle and indulge in a few of those benefits as well.


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