Want to Make Your Home Homier? Here’s How

Living in a home that doesn’t really have that homey feeling can be really frustrating. You want to be able to feel at home when you’re spending time there, but something’s just not quite right yet. It’s a more common feeling that many people experiencing it imagine, but there are plenty of solutions out there for you too. Don’t despair and don’t give up on your home just yet. You can make your home homier.


The simple steps that we’re going to look at now will all make your home feel like the kind of place you want to spend time in. They will stop it from feeling too bland or too much like a showroom. If that sounds good to you, scroll down and discover some ideas that will help you out.


Do you want a homier home_ You can achieve it simply by adding a few minor touches to your existing space.

How to Make Your Home Homier



Make the Lighting Add to an Overall Cozy Feeling


The way in which you light your home can have a pretty big impact on how cozy it’s possible for you to make it feel. With the wrong approach, the lighting will feel too boring, too oppressive or simply too dark. A home with soft and warm lighting tends to feel that little bit homier, which is what you’re looking for right now. Make changes to your lights and lamps; consider dimmer switches for added control too.


Make Your Home Homier



Keep Things Organic and Don’t Try Too Hard


Neutral tones can really easily create that organic feeling in your home, and that’s what you should be going for if you want to go back to basics and make your home feel like a home. If you try too hard to make the design of the home extravagant and unique, it could end up feeling like a nasty mess that no one wants to spend any time in. The simple and organic options may be common, but they’re common for a reason.



Hang Some Art You Love and Are Inspired By 


Art should have a part to play in every home, no matter where it is or who lives there. It brings some beauty to the home and offers a focal point too. If your walls are currently bare, this could be one of the things that are making your home feel not particularly homey. Choose pieces of art that you can hang on your wall, and make sure that you get something from them. That could be an inspiration or something else, but make sure it means something to you.


Make your home homier



Pay More Attention to the Small Details


It’s often the small things that have the biggest impact when it comes to how your home looks and feels to you. Make sure you start paying more attention to those small details around the home. Whether it’s a photo framed and sitting on a table or the way an item of furniture is placed within a space; these small things make a difference.



Cook and Bake More for Friends and Family


Cooking and baking in your home can be a really good way to make it feel more like a home. Start by investing in the tools and appliances that will let you do that. Find the best under cabinet toaster oven for the money you want to spend. And spend money on utensils that will encourage you to cook more. Then all you need to do is get creative, start making food and finally share it with your friends and family.


There is something about the smell of fresh baked bread or cookies that make your home homier, especially to the family. Sometimes the smell of a homecooked meal makes you feel at home!


Make your home homier



Improve the Smell of Your Home


Another thing that can be linked to you doing more baking in your home is the smell of your home. That homey smell that comes with baking bread or cookies can linger for a while, and it really can make a house feel more like a home for you. It might seem like a silly idea, but it does have an impact.


Maybe you can burn some candles or a tart warmer in you main rooms. Warm scents like Apple Pie and cinnamon bring about the feeling of being warm and cozy.



Make Use of Nature


It’s never a bad thing to add some more natural elements to your home. When you bring the outdoors indoors, you make the space much more appealing and that’s got to be a good thing. Simply bring in flowers regularly or even invest in some houseplants and herbs that are meant for indoors that will provide you with longer-term greenery in your home.


Make your home homier.



If your home doesn’t feel enough like a home for you, it’s time to take action. Be sure to take action as soon as possible. Make the most of all the ideas and options we went over in the post above. With a few simple yet strategic changes to your home, you’ll find it easy to make your home homier.


Living in a home that doesn’t really have that homey feeling can be really frustrating. You want to be able to feel at home when you’re spending time there. You can make your home homier.


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  1. I’m a big fan of using plants to make my living room feels more homely. I also have small plants on my bathroom counter, and it makes all the difference!

    1. Author

      I love plants also. As a matter of fact, my kitchen and dining room look like a greenhouse! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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