16 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money While Homesteading

What does homesteading really mean, I hear you ask? Is it heading for the hills entirely off the grid or improvising in a small lodge somewhere in Alaska? Fortunately, homesteading is even possible in your cute warm apartment. Homesteading is an attitude and a lifestyle similar to that of a minimalist. You don’t need acres of land or chickens, and it doesn’t matter if you self-teach. For many people looking for a way out of their 9-5 jobs or seeking opportunities to make extra money, homesteading should be high on your consideration list. 

Venturing into homesteading requires a transition period to understand the nitty-gritty of your new settings. You are likely to take a bit longer if you are not familiar with cooking, raising chickens, harvesting, and conserving farm produce. If you are used to the urban lifestyle, these self-reliant skills might sound daunting, but it isn’t impossible to gain. There are limitless ways to make money if your goal is to make ends meet or find a way to live from home. All you require is the passion, courage, and a little bit of cash to get you started. If homesteading sounds like a shot to you, check out these smart ideas to make extra income.  Make sure to check out Amish Schoolhouse to learn the ways of the Amish!

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Grow more seeds and sell extra seedlings 

If you have a nursery and can grow some extra seeds for the next season, why not sell some to make extra money? Other people will be extremely thankful for your pepper and tomato seedlings, which are ready to be planted right away. Herb seedlings are bestsellers, especially at the local market. 

Raise bees and sell their honey 

For a beekeeper, you will have more than enough honey to put away in a year. You can make extra money by selling your surplus honey, pollen and propolis. However, if you are skilled in craft-making, then there’s even more you can make! You can sell handmade beeswax candles. 

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Raise broiler chickens

Raising livestock can be a fruitful experience despite its challenges. Even without their eggs, your chickens can offer you more than enough to eat and sell. 

Start a hatchery and sell chicks

If you are interested in raising poultry, you have an excellent opportunity to cash in on your passion. Before you begin, identify your target market. Once this is done, you can invest in incubators to sell day-old chicks. With your target market in the loop, you can begin to take orders and yourself up for a profitable business and start to make extra money. 

Store your rabbit poop 

You may have various reasons for raising rabbits. However, like all livestock, there are a lot more rabbits can offer. Interestingly, rabbit feces are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which is beneficial to crops. This means that you can store up rabbit poop to sell as compost.


Make soaps and lotions

To have a steady business and make extra money, you need to make products people use daily. Everyone uses soaps and lotions every day. Therefore, you are bound to make some sales from your homemade soaps and lotions. Be sure to add essential oils and try to keep these products safe from harmful ingredients. 

Rent your homestead for events 

If your property has a beautiful canopy of trees and a beautiful landscape for taking pictures, you can rent out your land for events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries to make extra money. 

Cut and sell wood 

For a homesteader, keeping a pile of seasoned firewood is a particular skill to learn forever. You can make extra money by selling that cut firewood to others.


Dry herbs and spice mixes 

There are so many herbs you can harvest in a year and be left with an excess. However, you can dry and package your surplus into glass containers. Fix a cute label on them to give a homey feel and put it out for sale. Look into the local cottage food laws for your town to see if you are allowed to make extra money by selling jams and jellies.

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Create and sell compost 

Creating compost can be quite easy. You can keep a compost bin to keep your vegetable waste. If you have animals like cows, chickens, and goats, you can also collect and store their manure. These animal manures contain high levels of nitrogen which is an essential component for plants to grow.

Once the compost is completely dried it an be sold to gardener to make extra money on your homestead.

Sell homemade dairy products 

The moment your cows and goats begin to produce milk, you have a whole new homestead opportunity to make extra money. Dairy products like cheese and butter are always in demand. You can also make ice creams, aged cheese, and sour cream to sell. 

Make cash from photography

If you have a good camera, take some pictures and share or sell them as an easy way to enhance your income. There are several online platforms and shops you can cash in your stock images. Have you seen your cute animals, crops, farm produce, or your scenery? These are stunning ideas to get you started. 


Start a personal blog

One of the ideal approaches to sharing your knowledge of homesteading is to start a blog. It is common knowledge that most blogs fail to make any substantial gains, which is due to several reasons. Despite this, you can make an extra income with the right strategy and blogging ideas. Homestead blogging can be a great way to support your work income while offering you an excellent agricultural advertising platform. 

Offer courses and lessons

There may be so many other people interested in doing a lot of what you do. So, why not start a few classes- either online, at home, or both? You can teach how to sow seeds, take care of animals, or on baking bread. If you have a skill you would want to share, you should start paid workshops to share your craft and earn some bucks.

woman taking an online course

Become a writer 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if you can’t take pictures or paint, let your words do that for you. While many are comfortable with public speaking, others are clever with expressing their emotions through their fingertips. If you’re more of the latter, then freelance writing is a fascinating way to earn extra income by writing about your homestead experiences.

Raise and sell worms 

Absurd right? People will get worms for their fishing and vermicomposting. Reptile owners buy for their reptiles, while gardeners do just not for themselves but additionally for worm castings. If there is a market for worms, then you have a good base for an effective business. 

 When you learn how to make extra money on your homestead it makes the journey much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Extra Money

Living as a homesteader can be overwhelming but liberating and rewarding. If you begin with an entrepreneurial mindset, nothing can stand in your way of living your homestead dream.  When you learn how to make extra money on your homestead it makes the journey much more enjoyable. 

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