How To Make A Vision Board For Your Homestead

make a vision board

Do you have a vision board for your homestead? Do you know what it is? A vision board is like a reminder that you place somewhere you can see easily. It shows you in a visual manner what you want your homestead to be. In this post, I am going to explain why you should have one and even step by step how to make a vision board personalized for your homestead.


This vision board is an excellent way to start planning both short-term and long-term goals for your homestead. It will give you a vision of what you want your homestead to become in the future. Every homesteader should make a vision board before planning.


make a vision board


How To Make A Vision Board For Your Homestead


What is a Vision Board?


A vision board is a visual representation. It shows your goals and dreams. It can be done digitally on your computer. You can make a vision board with pictures placed on a poster board. It is a collection of images that represent concrete items or ideas you wish to have at some point. It is a way for you to portray the future of your homestead and what you want it to look like.


Vision boards aren’t just for homesteading. They can be made to represent your life vision, a child’s room renovation, a project at work and many more things. The possibilities are really endless. In this post, we are going to concentrate on how to make a vision board for your homestead.

Whether you are new or just starting to plan your homestead, making a vision board can be the first step in preparing your homestead plans. Learn axactly how to make a vision board for your homestead today!


What materials are needed to make a Vision Board?


Before you sit down to make a vision board for your homestead you need to gather some common materials.


These may include:

  • Poster Board or large paper to work and design on.
  • Pictures printed out or cut out of magazines.
  • Glue stick
  • Other decorative elements, ie…stickers.
  • Scissors


You can also Google “free vision board makers” on the internet or design one in Canva or another picture app.


vision board materials


How to Make a Vision Board


Now that you have all of your materials and decided whether to make a poster board or a digital board, you are ready to design!  Follow the steps below to start designing your vision board.


Steps to designing your vision board:


Step 1: Make a list of everything you want for your homestead.


This list should include everything you can think of. You may include things like a barn or a chicken coop. Or maybe you want a farmhouse. How about a vegetable garden or an herb garden? Anything you can think of, simply add it to your list. I have included a free download here for you to use as an inspiration before you make a vision board.


Step 2: Look for images to represent what you want.


This is the fun part! Go through images in magazines, newspapers and even on the internet to find good pictures that represent what you want. Cut them or print them out.


Step 3: Start making a layout that allows all your pictures to be seen.


Lay your images out any way you see fit to visually give an overall picture of what you want. You can do these in a collage form, or in a structured way with labels and notes. The sky is the limit here.


 Step 4:  Permanently place your images and decorate your board.


Now all that is left is to simply paste or position the images where you like them and add decorations to the board. You can put a border around the edge, add letters and stickers, or write in notes if you so choose.


Making a life plan on a vision board is one of the many homesteading tips for new homesteaders.


Where to put your Vision Board


Once you make a vision board for your homestead you need to figure out the best place to put it. Did you make a digital board? If so, save the image as your computer desktop image. That way every time you turn your computer on you have something to remind you of your homestead dream. You can also print it out or take it to an office supply store and have it made it into a poster. Now you display your image on a wall where you are constantly inspired to see it.


Did you make a physical board? Even better. Just find a spot in your home or office to hang it. Make sure it is where you can see it often to remind you of your goals your working towards. I hang mine in my office since that is where I spend most of my time.


make a vision board


Resources to Make a Vision Board


Here are some examples of vision boards on the internet that may provide some inspiration for you when you make a vision board. You can also search Pinterest for some great examples of vision boards. I have also listed a few magazines that are available online and off that you can choose images from. If you have other suggestions for resources to make a vision board please share them in the comments below.



Simple Life Mom  She has a nice vision board she shares on her website that includes homesteading among other areas.

Happily Home Grown   You can see an example of a personal vision board here.

Grit and Grace Homestead  Another simpler version of a vision board.


Magazines for inspiration:

Mother Earth News 


Countryside and Small Stock Magazine

Small Farm Today

Urban Farms


If you are just getting started at homesteading or homestead planning you may want to take my free 5-day email course “Design and Plan Your Ideal HomesteadClick here to sign up today!

Learn how to create an amazing vision board for your homestead. Step by step directions to help you create a customized visual plan for all of your homesteading dreams.

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