gardening responsibilities

Swapping from a traditional house to a homestead can be daunting. Many homestead properties won’t have the home comforts you’re used to. If you’re buying far from any towns, small things like internet connection aren’t a given. That’s not to say that this lifestyle means living in the dark ages.Continue Reading

It’s finally happened! After perusing the housing market for months, you finally come across what looks like the home of your dreams. It has all the homestead features you have been looking for, there is that new home smell when you walk through the door, and there are all theContinue Reading

home alarm system

Almost every house has a home alarm system these days. It seems to be one of those things which we all look to buy once we are settled in our home and everything is set up.   The likely reason for this is that many of us have technology likeContinue Reading

prepare your property

Spring is about to….well, spring, and that means that changes around your home should be afoot. If you want to get the most enjoyment out of your home as you can, here are a few ways that you can prepare your property before Spring… Prepare Your Property for Spring Clean theContinue Reading

Address The Issues Of Your Aging Home

Your homestead is like any other item or purchase. To keep it in tip-top condition it needs a little tender loving care. You need to make sure that you are looking after your property otherwise issues with the home will get worse and could ultimately lead to disaster. You mightContinue Reading

Improving the look of your homestead

 Living off of the land, raising your own animals, and combating the weather is something not many people dream about, but it’s always a rewarding experience. When you have a homestead on your hands, there’s a lot you’re going to need to do to make sure it’s always in tip-top condition.Continue Reading

hidden dangers

Your home is your castle. It’s your safe place. It is your refuge from the world and all the problems and stresses that it brings you. It’s a place where you can kick off your high heels, throw on your PJs and just enjoy being you. We all do ourContinue Reading