When you look at the front of your house, what do you think it says about you and your home? Is it entwined with personality, style, and beauty, or is it lacking structure, greenery, color, and maintenance? The front of your house is something for all to see, your neighbors,Continue Reading

home exterior

When we think of ‘home redecoration or renovation’ we often think of the interior of our homes. We think about arranging furniture, purchasing new ornaments, perhaps storing old goods in the attic to potentially gain value over the years. We think about replacing that front door or perhaps changing ourContinue Reading

key homestead improvements

It’s sad to say, but many of our homestead properties stand empty for years on end. This is an inevitable result of our leanings towards city life. While our lands were full of farmers as little as fifty years ago, our countryside is now often deserted. As a result, it isn’tContinue Reading