Improving the look of your homestead

 Living off of the land, raising your own animals, and combating the weather is something not many people dream about, but it’s always a rewarding experience. When you have a homestead on your hands, there’s a lot you’re going to need to do to make sure it’s always in tip-top condition.Continue Reading

hidden dangers

Your home is your castle. It’s your safe place. It is your refuge from the world and all the problems and stresses that it brings you. It’s a place where you can kick off your high heels, throw on your PJs and just enjoy being you. We all do ourContinue Reading

garden maintenance basics

There are garden maintenance basics that are important if you hope to enjoy a home that’s well taken care of. The exterior of your home speaks volumes about your property. It can, of course, differentiate the value if you hope to appeal to appraisers and viewers.   Getting your garden in orderContinue Reading

homesteading books

First-time homesteaders are usually scared about getting started. They have feelings of uncertainty and doubt. They look for great resources to help them make decisions and to start planning. Well-written homesteading books can take away those feelings of uncertainty and doubt. I wish when I started on my homesteading journey,Continue Reading