Sustainable home image

As homesteaders, we are constantly looking out for more ways to improve our eco-friendliness and self-reliance. When it comes to home improvement, this can often be a challenge. After all, most jobs require a professional, and a lot of the materials that are used are toxic and damaging to theContinue Reading

preparing your lawn

While most people think about getting their garden in shape for summer, most people fail to pay one of the most prominent and integral aspects of their garden much attention.  Your lawn is the centerpiece of your summer activities. This centerpiece is most likely to be the meeting place thatContinue Reading

safe home

While we all have different visions of what the perfect home should be, safety is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Your home is your castle, and it should keep your family protected and happy at all times. Achieve this goal, and the entire home becomes a happier environment. ProtectContinue Reading