5 Important Tips To Maintain Trees In Your Garden

Nothing makes a garden look more beautiful than a collection of gorgeous trees. Whether your trees are new or mature, knowing how to maintain trees is not always a simple task. To help you to keep your trees healthy and well maintained, try taking onboard the following ideas.

1. Try Using Mulch 

Mulch can be loosely defined as a laid material on top of the soil for protection (or covering). There are many different types of mulch, including organic mulch like straw, shredded bark, newspaper, grass clippings, or shredded leaves.

You can also get inorganic or synthetic types of mulch, such as gravel or stone, plastic, or landscape fabric. Mulch can help to insulate your tree roots and prevent the soil from getting too dry. You may be surprised how much of a big difference mulch can make in your garden especially when you are looking to maintain trees.

2. Prune Your Trees 

When you maintain trees and trim your trees, you can get rid of the deadwood, and ensure a healthier structure. It is advisable to prune your trees when they are experiencing a dormant phase. When your trees have leaves, you can simply remove a few damaged or dead twigs. 

Every year you should inspect your trees for any shoots which have grown at an odd angle. It is important to remove extra shoots protruding from the top or large shoots growing out of the base.

At some stage in the first year, it is advisable to cut off the branches in the lowest part of the tree. You can also shorten any branches growing in the middle of the tree. These are important steps to maintain trees on your property, so ensure to hire a reliable service for tree removal Overland Park.

trimming trees for maintenance

3. Enough Water 

Super simple, but very important, your trees need plenty of water. In many cases, rainwater will be sufficient. If it does not rain too regularly where you live, you will need to water the trees yourself. New trees need around 3 to 11 gallons per week, while mature trees require approximately one inch.

4. Protect Your Tree Roots

Your tree roots must absorb oxygen to remain healthy; you need to ensure your soil has plenty of air space. Compacted soil is the worst thing for tree roots. This kind of soil has poor water infiltration and does not allow oxygen into the roots. To protect your tree roots, you should never compact your soil, especially around your trees’ drip line. The condition of the roots plays such an important part in your tree’s health, which is why it is critical to keep these well-protected.

 5. Try Tree Care Services

Taking care of trees can be a complex task. At times you may not have the expertise and tools that you require. To help you out, it can be worthwhile to search for tree care near me. A local tree care company can help you with many different aspects of tree health, including tree and shrub pruning or removal, tree consulting, or general plant health care.

You may also wish to consult the services of a arboricultural consultancy which will help you in identifying any diseases, problems, or issues your trees may be having. They can then recommend a smart and healthy solution.

Whether your trees are new or mature, know how to maintain trees isn’t always a simple task. To help you to keep your trees healthy and well maintained, try taking onboard the following ideas.

Final Thoughts on How To Maintain Trees

With these tips to hand, you will keep your garden healthy for years to come. With beautifully kept trees you will create a tranquil garden that you can be proud of. Do you have other tips and suggestions for my readers to help them maintain trees on their property? Please post them in the comments below.


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