How to Keep a Lush and Beautiful Garden Throughout the Year

Maintaining a lush and beautiful garden throughout the seasons can be difficult, especially if you live in a climate of extremes. Some plants thrive in harsh conditions, while others need more consistency to live through the seasons. If you’re dedicated to caring for your plants, you can make sure there’s always something flowering in your garden.


A very lush and beautiful yard.

How to Keep A Lush and Beautiful Garden Throughout the Year


As long as you keep up regular maintenance and invest in the right new additions, it’s entirely possible to grow and maintain something beautiful in your own backyard. 



Autumn is a great time to see some extra color in the garden, especially if the leaves on your trees change hues. Even without the dramatic impact of sunset-colored leaves, there are plenty of ways to paint your garden with some new flowering plants. A patch of dahlias can help you achieve those beloved shades of pink, orange, yellow and purple, while petunias can be grown in a range of pink, purple, and red shades. Mix it up with a variety of shapes and colors from the begonia family, and you’ve got the makings of a beautiful garden. 


You won’t need to give your plants as much water in autumn, but following the summer growth spurt, it’s a good idea to spend some time tidying up the lawn. It might be that all you need to do is prune the hedges, mow overgrown grass, and add fertilizer and mulch to keep the soil in good health.


dahlias are part of a beautiful garden



Despite the cold, you’ll find plenty of options for growth in winter, ranging from vegetable species to fragrant blooms. Asparagus and rhubarb crowns grow particularly well during this time of the year and make a great addition to your home’s food bank. But if you’re only looking to boost your garden aesthetic, wallflowers are a great starting point. These come in a broad spectrum of colors, and they also attract bees and butterflies to your garden, but if you prefer something a little less colorful, Christmas roses and snowflakes might be better suited. 


Snowflakes do well in shaded areas, which makes them a great choice for a not-so-sunny climate, while those who prefer something low-maintenance will love winter aconites or Frangipanis. With other seasonal options including lavender, cyclamen, crocus in the snow, and witch hazel, you won’t be short on choice. Good-quality mulch will go a long way to help your garden survive the winter and prevent pesky weeds from growing in the process. What an excellent way to have a lush and beautiful garden.


rhubarb can be part a beautiful garden



It’s no secret that spring is typically the best time of year to grow flowering plants, which means you’ll have plenty of floral options from which to choose. The best way to provide a lush and beautiful garden is to play around with classics like roses, peonies, and tulips. Or get creative with a mixture of exotic hyacinths, delicate orchids, and striking poppies. In case you’re still looking for something more colorful or exotic, try an annual flower like the African daisy. This species boasts petals in every color of the sunset. 


When you’re arranging your new additions in the garden, remember that some floral species – tulips, for example – are particularly attractive to pests. You may need to plan strategically in order to protect them from unwelcome visitors. Daffodils are great pest repellents and, if planted nearby, will protect some of your more vulnerable flowers from bugs. 


poppies are part of a beautiful garden




Summer is prime-time for several delicate white flower varieties, like baby’s breath and gardenias. But that doesn’t mean bright colors are off the menu. The unique Bird of Paradise and rich, purple Iris both thrive in summer conditions, and your flower bed will also love Marigolds and Geraniums. Just be aware that as your plants grow thirsty. So will any weeds currently hanging around your garden, which means it’s a good time to step up the weeding routine. 


You might feel the urge to shower your plants with extra water during the warmer months, and extra water can help to revive wilted plants and flowers – the only problem is that overwatering can kill your plants just as easily as can dehydration. The best way to keep your plants from overheating during the summer is to keep them out of direct sunlight. And water in the early hours of the day. Adding fertilizer will also help to make up for any loss of minerals and provide a lush and beautiful garden.  


Gardenias are part of a beautiful garden


If regular garden maintenance isn’t your thing, you can eliminate much of the thought required by opting for some of the several flowering varieties which grow well in a range of weather conditions. Carnations, lilies, and chrysanthemums are all great options for the basis of a long-term and beautiful garden, and as long as you follow the care instructions, there should be no need for replanting. 


Putting regular work into your garden is the only way to create something worthy of admiration, but it can take time for the fruits of your labor to show. As long as you keep up regular maintenance and invest in the right new additions, it’s entirely possible to grow and maintain something beautiful in your own backyard. 



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