7 Low-Maintenance Plants to Liven Up Your Home

Now that everyone is sitting at home due to COVID, it’s time to make your house a home. What better way to do that than with low-maintenance plants?! Sadly most people feel overwhelmed by the maintenance of live plants, and a lot of people think that any live plant will die in their home even if they try their best.

People who adore plants and understand their workings know how to handle high-maintenance plants that are very picky regarding their surroundings, the amount of air, water, and sun they receive, and even the humidity of a room. But there are low-maintenance plants out there for people who don’t have the time or energy to care for them, or who are simply forgetful.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Learn about 7 low-maintenance plants you can grow in your home you may never have heard of and test your green thumb.

Zanzibar Plant

Starting with the most low-maintenance plant on the list, the Zanzibar Plant is nearly impossible to kill. It can be placed in every room, and in every corner, as it doesn’t need much direct sunlight. And if you forget to water it for weeks on end, the Zanzibar is the most forgiving of them all. It can last up to 5 weeks without being watered! Having said that, like most plants, this too has less tolerance for overwatering, so a little at a time will do just fine.

It grows as much as the pot you planted it in will allow it, and once you see that it began to outgrow its space, you can choose to plant it in a bigger pot, but if you don’t, that’s fine too! It’s a great bathroom plant as well, as it’s not picky regarding the humidity of the room. But in that case, you should be careful with the watering.

zanzibar plant

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is the perfect starter plant for any newcomer to the gardening business. Especially someone looking for low-maintenance plants. It has a much brighter yellowy-green tint than the rest on the list, giving a unique pop of color to the room. They’re very resilient, and smaller in size, making them great for livening up a bookshelf, a nightstand, or any small empty space

The absolute best space to give it is hanging in front of the window, but it will live just fine in any place. It loves bright, and/or indirect sunlight, and apart from the occasional misting, you only need to water it slightly weekly.

spider plant

Cast Iron Plant

If your plant care routine equals absolutely nothing, and you’re not the most determined student, but you still like your plants like your pets – alive -, the Cast Iron Plant is the one for you. They’re just as sturdy as a Walmart plastic plant, but you won’t have to hide them on a tall shelf to mask their true nature.

With this new addition to low-maintenance plants, plant care will be a walk in the park, and you’ll soon think that you know something about handling live plants (but you don’t). It prefers low light, so it’s perfect for the bathroom, the bedroom, or a dark and empty corner somewhere. Watering should be weekly, but you should wait for it to dry out completely before giving it its next dosage.

cast iron plant


Succulents have the most character. You can name them, talk to them, they come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be a little succulent family. So if you’re lonely, but not ready for a pet, in fact, you’re not even ready for a full-blown high maintenance plant, these are the best low-maintenance plants for your little family.

If, however, you manage to kill even a succulent, know that it’s most likely due to low light, or too much water. It needs a lot of indirect light, so it’s best to put them near windows, or places where the sun shines the most. Watering has to be done roughly monthly, but you should never water it if it’s not completely dry.


Lucky Bamboo

There are people who not only love plants, but absolutely have no idea how to take care of them, AND they don’t want to see the soil in their house, because that’s gross. Believe it or not, there’s a plant out there for them as well. Get a Lucky Bamboo, stick it in water, and just forget about it for a few months. That’s it. It needs bright, but indirect light, and you only have to change the water every 2 months. This is one of the easiest of the low-maintenance plants available.

lucky bamboo


You will instantly know if a person has Philodendrons in their home, and that’s because they constantly talk about it. There’s no reason why that can’t be you! Philodendrons are gorgeous and have the best shade of green. Plus, they are big, so putting one in the entire house will instantly make you look like a master gardener, when in fact, this is one of the best low-maintenance plants to handle. They just need indirect sunlight and weekly watering. A downside to this beauty is having to dust off those huge leaves because they can gather quite a bit of dust.


Swiss-Cheese Plant

If you read the entry about the Philodendron and thought “lame, it’s not that big”, here’s its big brother, the Swiss-Cheese Plant. But be careful, this is a big-girl plant. Not only do you have to water it weekly, but you need to mist it regularly, and you can basically put it anywhere because while it loves light, it also can lead a happy life in a low-light environment.

While it does take some attention, this is one of the most low-maintenance plants, yet a big boy. you’ll find it in the market. It has a deep green color and can grow up to be a true monster if you keep it in sunlight. If you want to moderate its growth, just put it in a darker corner, but still, after a few weeks, you’ll view him as a roommate rather than a plant you own.

swiss cheese plant

Final Thoughts on Low-Maintenance Plants

Overall, you don’t have to be “special” to be able to grow low-maintenance plants in your home, and while it can seem overwhelming at first, these plants adapt very well to any owner, and having them around will make a huge difference. Buying plants will be the best investment you can make.

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