What to Consider When Looking to Buy a Villa for Sale

If you are wanting to find a villa for sale, This post should help clarify some features you should be looking for.

There are many styles of homes. Different cultures around the world have developed their own unique building style. The classical villa style comes from the Mediterranean region, where the climate is pleasant and the winters are mild.

Open plan is the order of the day, with a pleasant outdoor area. Most villas are single floor, with the emphasis on lots of floorspace. Villas are usually built on large plots of land in a rural environment where building out rather than up, is preferred.

Villa on the water

Important factors to consider when looking to buy a villa

Swimming pool

Of course, you should insist on a pool in your dream retirement home. Indeed, most high-end villas come complete with a nice pool and terrace for relaxing. The cost of building a pool in 2023 is high. That is why you should find a villa that has all the luxuries. Therefore, there’s no need for additional work.

Check the local development plans

Imagine buying a beautiful villa for sale nestled in a lush grove, only to discover that a main road is planned to run right next to your property! You can avoid disasters like this by engaging a local lawyer to do some investigating regarding the planned development for the area.

You can find out what, if anything, is planned over the next 5-10 years. Then you can make an informed decision.

Flooding risk

Of course, the seller isn’t going to tell you that the water level rises during the monsoon season. However, the neighbors might.

Look for signs of flooding, tide marks on walls and tree trunks, etc. Check out the local waterways and do talk to the locals. You can gain valuable information from unbiased sources.

Check out these flood preparation tips. If you can manage to talk to your new neighbors, prepare a series of questions to ask regarding living in the area.


Reason for sale

You should enquire as to why the current owner is selling. If, for example, they retired a few years ago and had the villa built to their specifications, why would they suddenly decide to relocate?

In the event that local farmers burn their fields after harvest, which puts you right in the firing line, you should know about it. If the owner seems to have a legitimate reason for selling their home, that is worth knowing.

Don’t buy an empty plot

We recommend looking at finished (or almost finished) properties. Anything can happen and if the developer goes under. You could lose your deposit and possibly more.

Small builders are having a tough time at the moment, with many folding due to lack of work. You can avoid this risk by visiting a real estate agent and choosing a finished property.

Think direction

The house layout will either give you sunlight in the morning or evening. If in a coastal area, does the front of the property face the ocean? Consider all the seasons when looking at villas. Also, take note of the solar path across the sky.

Villa on the beach

Legal issues

If you are buying a villa in a foreign country, hire a local English-speaking real estate lawyer to carry out due diligence on the property. The lawyer can find out what the local authorities are planning in terms of development, while also checking there are no loans guaranteed on the property.

There may be protocols for transferring money that you have to follow. A real estate lawyer will make sure that everything is as it should be.

There have been some horror stories where unsuspecting foreigners were scammed out of a lot of money by bogus property developers. Of course, everything looks above board at first glance, but when a legal search is carried out, you discover that the business doesn’t exist.

The small fee for a lawyer when you buy a villa for sale, is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are the legal owner of your new villa.

Development potential

It might be that the villa is absolutely perfect for you and your partner and you have no desire to make any major changes. Look instead, for a retirement home in sunny Mauritius.

If, on the other hand, you might be adding living space, or building a pool. Consider the plot with this in mind. Those who are looking for a retirement home would not normally plan of making any changes. And certainly not adding to the existing structure.

If abroad, make sure you engage the services of a reputable lawyer to buy a villa for sale. With all the above considered, your choice of dream villa by the sea will be an informed one. Many Europeans choose Thailand, some southern Europe, while others prefer to live in Mauritius; the choice is yours.

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