Log Cakes: A Singapore Tradition

Have you ever heard of log cakes? Learn all about what they are and the traditions behind them right now.

It’s that time of the year once again. Christmas is fast approaching. Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying that you can feel it in the air. From all the sales going on to all the decorations being put up and everything else in between, the season’s spirit is making itself felt.

Christmas means many different things to many people. For some, it could be a time to get together with family and loved ones. Others think that Christmas is a time to spread some extra cheer and love. Then, there are all those other little intricacies and things about the season that really make it Christmas to people.

While many elements make up Christmas, traditions would probably be one of the more significant aspects. After all, Christmas is full of traditions that people all over the world observe. In a way, it’s these traditions, whether big or small, that make people know for sure that it’s Christmas.

log cakes in front of gingerbread house

Christmas Traditions

People all over the world have different Christmas traditions, some of which are unique to their culture. Then there are those traditions that, through the passing of time and interaction of peoples all over the world, end up getting adopted from other cultures.

Whatever the case may be, your Christmas definitely wouldn’t be the Christmas you know or grew up with if not for some of the traditions you practiced.

Among the many different Christmas traditions, log cakes would be one of the more notable ones. Having a cake like this on your dinner table is a must for many people, as this is a tradition that’s been followed for decades.

Singaporeans happen to be one of those people that love to follow this tradition. So much so that finding log cake in Singapore is a must to make that Christmas complete.

Log cake decorated to resemble a log

A Log…Cake?

For those unfamiliar with this tradition, hearing the phrase “log cakes” may cause some confusion. Questions such as, “What’s a log cake?” and “Is it literally made out of a log?” would most likely come up. Fortunately, this is not a cake that’s made out of a log.

The tradition of having a log cake every Christmas originated from the practice of having a yule log. A practice that’s said to originate from Europe centuries ago, the yule log is a special log that families choose to burn in their hearths for fireplaces throughout the twelve days of Christmas.

The tradition involves getting the log pieces and putting them in the fire each day, starting from Christmas day until the 12th day.

Just like any other tradition, the passage of time can cause it to be altered and practiced differently. As such, burning a yule log has eventually evolved into the practice of having a log cake.

Just like how the burning of the log was meant to be an acknowledgment of the upcoming year and good fortune, the yule log cake was meant to represent the same thing. The only difference is, the cake makes for a delectable Christmas treat!

Yule log

What’s in The Log Cake?

While log cakes come in one shape, they can still come in many different sizes and variations. A traditional log cake would usually be made out of a sponge cake.

This sponge cake would then be iced before it’s rolled into a cylindrical, log-like shape. Then, the cake is iced again, usually with chocolate icing. Details are then added to make it look more like a log.

The traditional log cake would typically be made to look as close to a log as possible. But, time does change things, and log cakes are no exception to that.

Singapore is one perfect example of this. Nowadays, you can find different kinds of log cakes in Singapore. While they do take on the log shape, the cakes may not necessarily have the outward appearance of a log.

Instead, they’re made with different kinds of ingredients, have different flavors, and different kinds of icing.

You can still find chocolate log cakes. But, then, there are also log cakes with flavors such as durian and even peach and mango.

The tradition has thrived and evolved, giving people cakes with many different flavors and ingredients that you’ve probably never imagined could go into a log cake.

Whatever the flavor, you’re still assured of finding one that’ll have you wanting another slice or two.

Log cake decorated like a log

Where Can I Get One?

Just like how there are many different flavors and variations of log cakes, there are also several places where you can find them. With the tradition gaining more popularity in Singapore, you’re bound to find a place that sells these cakes during the Christmas season.

But, of course, no one wants to get themselves just any log cake. After all, if you’re going to want to symbolize all the good fortune coming your way, you’ll definitely want to do it in the best way possible. You wouldn’t want to compromise on good luck now, would you?

That’s why, when you want to get yourself a log cake for your Christmas dinner, it’s good to find a place that’s been making these for the longest time. It only makes sense because you’re at least assured that they’ve perfected the art of making these delicious sweet treats.

Log Cake Ingredients

Aside from that, you’ll want to get your cake from a place that uses only quality ingredients. With quality ingredients, you’re assured of having a cake that’ll taste just as great.

But, what’ll make it even greater would be if you know if it’s made by hand. It might seem a little outdated to do so, but cakes made this way have a little more effort put into them.

Think of it as a little extra love. That will definitely make it come out great.

Log cake decorated for Christmas.

Final Thoughts on Log Cakes

There are a lot of things that make Christmas the Christmas that each person knows it to be. But, while there are many things that you can say make Christmas the occasion that it is, traditions play a huge role in that.

In a way, they’re the practices you observe that help you know for sure that this is indeed Christmas time. It makes sense if you think about it because there are only certain things that you do when it’s Christmas.

Log cakes are a perfect example of a tradition that you know for sure is something that’s exclusively for Christmas time. Having evolved from the burning of the yule log, the practice of having yule cakes has been something that’s helped add to the Christmas spirit of many people.

Just like any tradition worth following, it should be done in the best possible way. That’s why, when it comes to log cakes, it’s only right that you make sure you get the best one.

Fortunately, log cakes can come in many varieties and flavors, with many great bakeries making their own special kind. This makes it easier for you to find the one that you think is best. Since Christmas is a time of merriment and joy, you should at least do what you can to enjoy it as much as you can.

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