Can You Do A Loft Conversion With A Small Landing?

It can be difficult to decide where you want to position the stairway when you are in the middle of a loft conversion in North London. Many homeowners worry that the landing is small and it will hinder them from converting the loft. However, even if you have a small landing space, you still have various options for a loft conversion. 

The key is understanding the building regulations and then deciding whether you can conduct a loft conversion even with a small landing. Here is what you need to know about it. 

Small loft workspace in an attic

Building Regulations For A Loft Conversion 

Before you decide whether you can do a loft conversion with a small landing, you need to go through the important building regulations that will impact your decision. As a homeowner, your loft stairway will have to meet these requirements:

  • The headroom in the flight centre must be a minimum of 1.9 metres
  • The maximum pitch of the staircase needs to be forty-two degrees
  • The headroom at the stair edge needs to be a minimum of 1.8 metres
  • The width of the staircase should not be less than six-hundred millimetres
  • Stairs with more than a six-hundred-millimetre drop need a handrail
  • The risers need to be equally level
  • Landing areas must follow the minimum size requirements
  • The stairway must meet the fire safety regulations

Your staircase and loft conversion has to meet all of these requirements before you decide to work with a small landing. These requirements are there to ensure your safety and the best use of the space. 

Can You Do A Loft Conversion With Small Landing Space?

Yes, you can. However, you will have to be creative and think of different ways how you can maximise the space in the best way possible. That is because when the floor space is small, it can be difficult to create a staircase. 

However, there are certain things you can do. For example, you can sacrifice some part of a large room to ensure a sturdy staircase. This can be done in such a way that you will not have to face any issues by losing a small section of free space. 

You can also use retractable ladders, and we used these loft hatches to help secure the ladders when they’re not in use. A professional will recommend the best solution after they assess how much space you have and what you can do with it. That is why it is crucial to find the right contractor for your loft conversions

Spiral stairs to a loft

Final Thoughts 

We hope we answered any questions you have regarding loft conversions with a small landing space. It can be tricky to design one, but it is not impossible. 

You must take into account the building regulations and other factors before you decide to create a loft conversion with a small landing space. Don’t forget to find the right contractor to suit your loft conversion needs. 

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