Add Charm and Style to Your Living Room Wall With These Important Tips!

In just a few minutes and a few lines below, you can become a true expert in adding charm and style to your living room wall. After many articles scattered here and there on the web, here are some helpful ideas for impressive and environmentally responsible interior decoration. 

With the proliferation of home decoration trends and all the possibilities of a make-over within everyone’s reach, it is very easy to feel lost with your home decoration. If before it was enough to choose between painted walls and wallpaper, and in the best case to evaluate whether to hang one or two photos, now the possibilities are almost endless between 3D prints, wall stickers, decals, and decorations. New developments appear every day in terms of style and occasional furniture and keeping up with all that seems like a great feat.

 Adding charm to your living room wall can be easy if you follow the tips set forth here.

Ethnic Design

You have probably found hanging plates in a vacation home. And, probably, you would love to have one of these in your home decor. Besides plates and ceramics, there are more options available to the homeowner!

Garlands, natural elements, marble, stones, and crystals are all interesting ways to redesign. This type of decoration is interesting for those who love the ethnic style and love to display exotic and unusual objects. It is also suitable for those who want to add a bit of modern extravagance to their home or perhaps things they have picked up on their travels. 


Wall art is a beautiful addition, and therefore you could look at Craft & Oak. Frames are the most classic method to beautify the walls: paintings and framed photographs are essential for any living room wall.

Who has never hung a reproduction of a famous painting at home after visiting an exhibition? Or a movie poster, a band poster, a map, or just your favorite family photos?

For this, decorative frames, with very attractive borders, can look particularly chic, especially on the living room wall where all can see them. It’s time to display old paintings, clocks, among others, that can be used to highlight your travel and your memories in an authentic way.

Living room with frames


The minimalist walls are mostly smooth – the wallpaper is completely absent. White or light wood tones are the main ones to decorate without distractions. Once everything messy or fussy has been eliminated, the minimalist style is reduced to the essential: in it, there is everything you need, but as simplified as possible.

In the minimalist style, the living room wall is almost always bare, with a color of choice, and this is where the details are most noticeable. A single image hanging in the center of the wall, a large stylized clock, or an adhesive phrase in black characters that reminds you of an important maxim, will stand out on any plain wall.

The Eco-Look! 

The billboards and landscapes as large photographs or prints that fill the entire wall, very popular in the 80s, are back in fashion. They serve both to mask an ugly fence and to characterize an environment decisively on your living room wall.

Unlike wallpaper, this decoration does not always repeat the same motif but proposes a single image on the entire living room wall. Therefore, it is necessary to take the measurements well or have them personalized for the division you want to decorate.

Adding charm to your living room wall can be easy if you follow the tips set forth here.

Final Thoughts on Adding Charm to Your Living Room Wall

It’s easy to add charm to your living room wall. From frames to large poster sized photos, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Have you started adding charm to your living room wall? Tell me your suggestions in the comment box below.

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