Reasons To Try Living On The West Coast

All the different areas and states of the United States have their own charm. Some of them are more suited to certain kinds of people. For example, if seafaring and fishing are one of your most prized activities, it could be that moving to New England is the best place for you. If you’re into hunting, then the rocky mountains of Colorado could be the perfect environment for you. If you’re into the following reasons explored in this list, then you might try living on the west coast.



Reasons To Try Living On The West Coast





In a large portion of California, it has beautiful sunny weather at least 85% of the year. That’s pretty amazing if you hope to do nothing but tan and bask in the glorious sunset. Depending on where you go, the heat can be mild or very warm depending on what you’re used to. Not only that, but there are secluded beaches up and down the coast. This could be considered one of the first and most amazing reasons to sign up for Southern California real estate right away. Life is better in the sun. Not only are you energized by vitamin D, but the daylight hours make any house you choose so much more radiant and beautiful. Perfect for those who enjoy landscape gardening, or sitting in the backyard sipping a margarita.

living on the west coast





Of course, if your a fan of the legendary teams the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks you will enjoy living on the west coast. If you’re into the feeling of homebody pride and love sports, it could be that moving here gifts you every opportunity to enjoy the area. Of course, Bear Valley and the Boreal Mountain affords many excellent skiing opportunities. Especially if you’d like to exit the heat and enjoy some truly engaging and euphoric activity.

living on the west coast





Living on the west coast will put you in relative proximity to Yosemite. If you’re truly interested in seeing the majesty of nature, it’s not unlikely to find this is the most excellent areas to do so. Where else could compare? You’d be hard to find an unprotected and untouched nature reserve with the same absolute wow-factor as this. Regular trips here might become a regular occurrence if you enjoy getting outdoors and in the midst of it all. We could hardly blame you.

living on the west coast



Culture & Art


The west coast does seem to have the most amount of cities dedicated to culture, art, and forms of diversity. For this reason, many different opinions and complex art projects litter (in a good way,) the creative landscape. If you’d like to launch a career in art, or you’re simply an astute appreciator of this kind of expression, you could do much, much worse than living here. Oregon, California, and Washington all have some of the best cultures in the US, and to find that out for yourself you simply must experience it.

living on the west coast



With a move to an opposite coast, you might find what you had been looking for all along. Are you considering moving to the west coast or do you live on the west coast already? Tell me about it in the comment box below.



You may want to consider these reasons to living on the west coast. Homesteading can be done everywhere.



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