How to Protect Yourself When Living Off The Land

If you’re massively into self-sufficiency, you try to do everything you can when living off the land and not rely on civilization. It is both liberating and a little scary. While the local environment provides for all your needs in the good times, there’s always a risk that something will go wrong and your crop will fail. 


Take the 1930s, for instance. Not only were the cities in full-blown depression, but the Midwest also turned into a dust bowl, slashing yields. 


Here’s how to protect yourself if you are living off the land. 


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How to Protect Yourself When Living Off The Land



Keep A Water Butt Filled With Drinkable Water


When it comes to off-grid living, you never know when disaster will strike or what shape it will take. While stormy weather is a problem in some parts of the country, water is an issue in most. 


For that reason, it often pays to keep a water butt, full of drinkable water in reserve, just in case you see droughts in your area. Sure, it’s unlikely, but catastrophes can occur at any time, as we’ve seen in the current crisis. 


Water storage for living off the land


Buy A Stash Of Freeze-Dried Food


Unlike most food you put into long-term storage, freeze-dried meals will last for many years, even decades. This longevity is possible because of how freeze-drying works. Regular drying relies on heat to remove the moisture content from food. Manufacturers essentially leave these foods in a warm oven for a few hours, providing time for the moisture to evaporate. 


But even the most diligent techniques don’t remove all the water. And that means that eventually, the food turns stale and becomes inedible. 


Freeze-drying, however, uses a technique called sublimation, forcing all of the water out of the food. The evaporating steam jets out through microscopic holes, leaving it bone dry. 


Freeze-dried food can last for up to twenty-five years, making it the ideal emergency stash if times get tough. Don’t be afraid to have it as a backup. It’ll give you peace of mind. 


food storage shelves


Cover Yourself Financially Before Living Off The Land


If you’re planning on living off the land, you need to make sure that all your farm equipment stays in good working order. All it takes is a minor breakdown and insufficient funds in the bank for repairs to bring your entire operation to a halt. Many people, therefore, use farm insurance to cover their necessities should something go wrong. Insurers will pay out for things like spoiled crops, equipment repairs, and even public liability if someone takes legal action against you. 


insurance policy


Have A Backup Source Of Power


Rolling blackouts are less frequent today than they were in the past, but they are still a possibility. Historically, though, it was almost impossible to backup your electricity supply. Solar panels were too expensive. And generators were loud, noisy and costly – and relied on diesel.


Solar panels on a roof for living off the land


Fortunately, the price of solar panels has collapsed in recent years, making it easier than ever to get a source of power. Most units come in 100W sizes, allowing you to add capacity if you need it. 

There are many ways to protect yourself when living off the land Here are some cool tips.





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