Living in a Rural Neighborhood: 5 Powerful Things You Absolutely Need to Know About

Recent studies predict that we’ll see a mass exodus of suburban and city livers who decide to make the leap and head for more rural areas. 

If you are ready to get away from the hustle and bustle and live a calmer, simpler life, it is important that you prepare. Living in a rural neighborhood may not be as simple as you think.

Understanding the differences between living in a developed area versus a rural area is the best way to ensure a smooth transition.

Read on to learn five things you need to know about living in a rural neighborhood so you can prepare for your next big change.

Rural neighborhood

Living in a Rural Neighborhood

Job Prospects Are Different

In a city or suburb outside of a city, the job market is often expansive. You may have more opportunities for upward mobility and changing your career path altogether is not that far out of reach.

Living in a rural neighborhood, job prospects are far more limited. You may have a long commute if you want to maintain your current position. 

Utilities Are not Always Easily Accessible

Living in a rural neighborhood, you often do not have a ton of choices when it comes to who supplies your electricity, water, and internet connection. In fact, things like WiFi aren’t always stable or reliable. Plus, if you need maintenance on your property, you may only have one or two people to call and they may have a longer waiting list than you are used to.

satellite dish on house

You May Need to Head Out for Recreation and Necessities

Living in a rural neighborhood is not going to be jam-packed with restaurants, bars, and shops. In some cases, you may not even live that close to a hospital or grocery store. That means that you’ll need to make detailed plans for what to do in an emergency, where to shop, and how to stay busy on the weekends.

You Are Sharing Your Property With Wildlife

One reason why people love living in a rural neighborhood is the wildlife. However, some people are not quite prepared for how up close and personal that wildlife can get. 

For example, if you are planning on growing an elaborate vegetable garden in your new backyard, you are going to need to buy a deer fence to keep your crops safe. You should also do some research to find out what kinds of larger, more intimidating animals you may encounter (like bears or coyotes) and what to do if you do encounter them.

Rural Living Can Feel Isolating

The idea of peace and quiet is often appealing. However, you should prepare yourself for how constant that peace and quiet maybe. In a rural neighborhood, it is possible to go a few days at a time without seeing anyone outside of your household. 

Check out these 5 things you should absolutely know about living in a rural neighborhood.

Make Sure You Are Prepare for Life in a Rural Neighborhood

Rural living can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are tired of the hustle and bustle. However, moving to a rural neighborhood does take some adjusting. Make sure you are prepared for this new way of life before you make the commitment. 

Looking for more tips on homesteading? Take a look at the rest of our content to find tips and tricks on how to become more self-sufficient and make the most of your rural living. And in the meantime, please take a moment to add any ideas or suggestions you may have for being prepared for living in a rural neighborhood. You can share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below to help others be better prepared.

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