So You Want To Live Off The Grid

So, you’ve decided that you want to live off the grid in your own home. Totally understandable- living off the beaten path just makes sense in so many ways. Especially in this day and age of environmental destruction at the hands of humans.

But before you get too excited about your new life (and even if you already are), there are a few things that everyone should consider before they strike out into the wild to start their own little homestead. In this article, we’ll look at landscaping, plants, Tree Insect Control, water catchment, and solar energy in order for you to get a ‘lay of the land’ of what needs to be in place in your new utopia.

Live Off The Grid

Off the Grid Solar Panels

About Landscaping

The first thing you’re going to need- and what you’ll probably spend most of your time on, is landscaping. Now, this doesn’t mean simply planting some trees and shrubs. We’re talking about actually designing the terrain around your house.

This is so you can collect rainwater, which you’ll need to use for bathing, dishwashing, cooking… even flushing the toilet. Think about ways in which you could trap and divert water runoff from roads or other impervious surfaces. If it goes into a stream or river now, why not put it to use by directing it to your garden?

Solar Energy

You’ll also want to think about solar panels in order to live off the grid. Even if you don’t have too expansive of a roof, there are ways in which you could install these. Even just one or two using portable equipment that can be adjusted quickly. You can get creative with this, though. Check out some online ideas on installing them more inconspicuously.

Off Grid solar panels

Produce Section

You’ll need to consider the plants you want to grow. Some plants, like fruit or nut trees, will take a while before they can be harvested. This means that you’ll have to plant several trees at once. If you plan on growing vegetables and herbs, though, it might be wise to start small. You can always produce more once you see how much your family uses. Prevent disease and infestation of your shrubs and trees with the right control measures in place.

Some Adjustment to Live Off The Grid

One of the most important things to remember is to live off the grid will be totally new for you. There are going to be some significant adjustments on everyone’s part. Especially if they’re coming from somewhere where everything was already at a comfortable temperature all throughout the year. You’ll need to learn how to deal with changing weather conditions. You can find many ideas online about different ways of living off the grid in terms of energy use. 

Long Term Plan

To live off the grid you can look into a pellet stove or alternative heating for when it gets too cold You can set up a greenhouse that you can heat with solar power to be able to grow things all year round. You haven’t even thought about many possibilities yet. But once you consider the various options out there and research them thoroughly, it’ll become clear as day which ones would work best for your situation.

Learn the basics of what you will need to live off the grid in this post.

Final Thoughts on How To Live Off The Grid

So start doing some research now- find out what different plants will grow best in your climate, and look into how many solar panels you’ll need. There are so many different ways to live off the grid that you won’t even have enough time for it all!

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