Does School Landscaping Lead to Learning Opportunities?

Students have many factors to consider before choosing the learning institution of their choice. Distance, reputation, and convenience are important, but so is the aesthetic of a school.

Although a beautiful campus is nice to look at, a well maintained and designed landscape results in better student performance, engagement, and new enrollees.

Appearance of the university matters to students

Does School Landscaping Lead to Learning Opportunities?

Looks Matter

Sixty-two percent of students say their school choice was influenced by appearances alone. The appearance of school grounds sends students messages. It shows that they care about them and their well-being and are also sending a marketing statement.

An example of a nice campus is one with ergonomic spaces, trees, and green spaces. These spaces encourage students to engage in physical activity and improve mental health. They may also lead to learning opportunities.

An Important Design

Schools and universities are learning institutions that should provide people a comfortable experience. Schools focus a lot on what they should have inside classrooms. It is important to have the correct and comfortable school furniture.

But they should also look into what’s going on outside these walls.

Landscape designers, school staff, and students all have a role in making school environments safer and more engaging. A nice looking campus or playground may be appealing, but may not be for students seeking an environment that fosters open communication.

Coordinating and planning can help a school reach its specific needs by knowing what students and teachers want.

Places to sit are important to student and learning institutions

A school geared for younger children may want spaces for them to run and play outside. Older students, on the other hand, may want spaces for consultations and to talk with others. 

Each institution will have different needs, but these are design choices that generally work well.

  • A diverse landscape for children to be in contact with green spaces and a stimulating environment for learning
  • Appropriate shading for warm seasons and the hottest time of day
  • The flexibility of spaces and resources for varied uses such as PE class or holding lectures for learning outside

Maintenance and Longevity

Planning and designing landscapes are great ideas for the benefit of the people. However, observing the maintenance and longevity of these services must not be overlooked. A university budget may accommodate changes in space for one year, but may not afford to maintain them the next year.

Aside from budgetary concerns, new landscaping should also fit well with existing spaces and mesh with them properly.

Appearances are important to students applying for universities.

Maintaining new spaces and landscapes also helps keep schools and universities safer. Universities with plenty of old but beautiful trees should look to the experience and skills of a certified arborist in the local area. An arborist can trim and prune trees to avoid overgrowth and potential damage. They can also maintain surrounding green spaces through pest prevention and proper irrigation for surrounding areas. For simple landscaping maintenance tasks, they could tap students looking to get part-time work.

A majority of students choose their universities on appearance alone. This choice sounds superficial, but school grounds and landscaping may impact learning

Landscapes at learning institutions are more than just pretty spaces to look at. They are areas that encourage students and teachers to perform better. A school or university may already have the best spaces available, but others could use improvements in engaging people. Aside from design and functionality, schools should also properly maintain these spaces alongside existing ones for safety and security.

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