Mowing Excellence: The Trusted Brands in Lawn Care Equipment

Maintaining a healthy lawn involves regular mowing to keep the grass at an even height, but the quality of cut relies heavily on the equipment used.

The lawn care equipment industry is ever-evolving, with many respected manufacturers continuously innovating to deliver high performance, ease of use, and durable products to meet varying needs.

Some of the trusted brands known for their top-notch lawnmowers include Honda, Ryobi, Toro, Greenworks, Husqvarna, Robomow, John Deere, and Cub Cadet. From gas-powered to battery-powered and even robotic, these brands offer a diverse range of options to maintain your lawn impeccably.



Honda’s dependable and potent mowers are an excellent choice for any lawn. The company began producing lawnmowers in the late 1970s and rapidly ascended as a top brand for both commercial and residential use.

Experts consistently rank Honda as a leading gas lawn mower brand for push mowers and self-propelled mowers. These easy-to-start mowers offer various helpful features, and while the price point may be high, you’re investing in a mower that provides both quality and durability.


Ryobi delivers affordable, battery-powered mowers known for their versatility. With adjustable cutting heights and effortless startups, they provide a reliable and economical option for maintaining your lawn.

Enthusiasts often ask – who makes Ryobi? The brand originated in Japan in the 1940s and is now a well-known name under Techtronic Industries in North America.

With a broad portfolio, the company excels in producing a myriad of power tools, including outdoor equipment like edgers, trimmers, snow blowers, and, of course, lawn mowers.


Experts have trusted Toro’s quality and innovation since its inception in 1914 when it initially manufactured tractor engines. The company revolutionized the industry by creating the first mechanical golf course mower in 1919, and their first power mower arrived in 1924.

Toro’s diverse product line includes gas push mowers, self-propelled mowers, battery-powered mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers. Each product has a reputation for being among the industry’s finest.

Toro mowers offer resilience and strength to handle challenging mowing situations. Despite their slight premium, investing in Toro ensures excellent durability and sublime performance. 


Greenworks, established in 2002, has been at the forefront of innovations in battery-powered lawn equipment. Many experts and enthusiasts acknowledge their extensive lineup of cordless mowers.

Their Pro 60V and 80V series particularly stand out for their optimal cutting performance, lightness, and remarkable battery life. These qualities make Greenworks a popular pick amongst both homeowners and professionals.

Although they may not be the most powerful mowers, they offer a cost-efficient and sustainable solution, thanks to innovative technology, to keep your lawn in excellent condition.


Since its inception in 1918, Husqvarna has been crafting lawnmowers renowned for their robust engines and versatility. These mowers are a preferred choice for large lawns due to their top-notch performance.

Besides their well-regarded gas push-mowers, Husqvarna also produces some of the best riding mowers and zero-turn mowers in the industry. Offering both quality and durability, the brand strides ahead with advanced features like GPS-assisted navigation in their robotic mowers.

While Husqvarna products come at a premium price, it’s an investment that guarantees long-term reliability, making it a consideration worth its value.

Image by Iris from Pixabay


Originally known as Friendly Machines and established in 1995, Israel-based Robomow has emerged as a prominent manufacturer of robotic lawnmowers. Advanced models such as the RC312 Pro S can be voice-controlled through Amazon Alexa, and the RS series is well-equipped to manage lawns of nearly an acre effectively.

Robomow mowers excel in navigating rugged terrain, slopes, and tall grass, operating autonomously and returning to their charging docks when necessary. They are easily programmable and come with features that ensure the mower stays within defined boundaries.

While Robomow mowers are a pricier option, the advantage of advanced technology and convenience makes them a rewarding investment.

John Deere

John Deere has a long-standing history that goes back to 1837 when it first revolutionized farming with the invention of a steel-bladed plow.

Although it only began to offer lawn tractors for residential lawns in 1963, the brand has earned a reputation for crafting powerful, reliable, and innovative riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers. Most of which are gas-powered.

John Deere mowers might come at a premium price. But an investment in this brand guarantees quality, durability, and a product designed to last for many years.

John Deere Mower
Image by Insa Osterhagen from Pixabay

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet, is an American company owned by Stanley Black & Decker. It has been lauded for its production of riding mowers since 1961. Their outstanding performance and easy handling, make Cub Cadet mowers particularly suitable for yards with steep slopes or challenging terrains.

Available in both gas and electric models, including zero-turn mowers, Cub Cadet mowers are known for their sturdy engines and robust builds. These mowers promise to deliver efficient mowing in all conditions. This presents a long-lasting, durable investment that will stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts on Lawn Care Equipment

In summary, choosing the right lawn mower comes down to your specific needs and preferences. From powerful options like Honda, Toro, and Husqvarna to budget-conscious choices like Greenworks, there’s a best lawn care equipment brand for everyone.

And if you fancy a hands-off approach, Robomow offers advanced robotic options. Whichever you choose, there’s a mower to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

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