Moving in a Hurry? 4 Tips for a Last-Minute Move

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Moving is a very complex and stressful process, but it is even worse and more stressful if you are forced into a last-minute move. Waiting for the last minute to move is a scenario nobody prefers, but it is still a reality for lots of people who are forced to do things this way. They may have waited too long when choosing a new home or have not been able to find reliable movers – it does not matter what happened if you need to act quickly. If this is the case with you as well, here are a few ways to make your last-minute move successful.

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4 Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Make a checklist

Being sure what you are going to take with you to your new home and what you are going to leave behind is the first thing you need to do. This is the right moment to declutter your possessions, by the way, and check whether you need them in your life or not. Once you throw away or donate all those unnecessary items, you need to put everything else down and create a master moving checklist.

While most similar checklists span over eight weeks, which is the amount of time most people have when moving, you will not have that much time. On the contrary, you will probably have just a couple of days or, in the best-case scenario, two weeks, which means you need to squeeze everything into this timeframe. That is precisely why you are going to need a proper checklist, so make it right now and keep it by your side at all times!

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Assign tasks

When you are in your twenties and living alone, moving is not that hard – you probably own just a handful of items you can pack in two large boxes, and that is it. But, when you are older and have children, moving can become a much more complicated process. That is why giving each member of your family a task to complete will make your last-minute move easier and more successful.

For instance, your kids might be thrilled to help you pack, especially if you assign them the project of packing their own stuff. This will show them how much you value their help and respect them, and that is something they will love the most. Your kids will surely do a great job and make your overall move much easier this way, and, what is even more important, you will teach them a few things about responsibility and make the bond between you all stronger than ever.

Get some help

In addition to your children, you should also involve other members of your family who live close by, and your friends as well. Having more people to count on during the last-minute move will simplify this process and make it easier, and you will not have to do everything on your own. Your friends can pack your boxes, load them once your moving truck arrives, or unpack them at your new home. Basically whatever they do will mean the world to you because it will significantly speed things up, and that is why asking them for help is so important.

Also, you should not forget to hire some professionals who will make your move more elegant and efficient. Finding reliable movers in your area is not always easy, but if you consult a professional app for moving, for example, you will not have a problem doing that. Sticking to people who do these things for a living is always better than having to do everything yourself. It is also a simpler and more cost-effective solution in the long run because you can be sure all your possessions will be transported from your old place to your new place safely and professionally during your last-minute move.

Moving is a very complex and stressful process, but it is even worse and more stressful if you are forced into a last-minute move. Waiting for the last minute to move is a scenario nobody prefers, but it is still a reality for lots of people who are forced to do things this way.

Be practical when unpacking

Packing your stuff and loading them is just one part of the process – unloading them at your new home and unpacking is just as important too. This is something most people seem to forget, but if you are moving and facing a deadline during your last-minute move, you have to think about unpacking as well. And with tons of boxes waiting for you in the middle of your new living room, this could easily turn into a very complicated and stressful process.

Two of the most important things you need to do to make that happen is to create a proper system when packing your possessions – label your boxes clearly and write down what is in each of them – and avoid unpacking procrastination. Some people do not mind living out of boxes, bags, and suitcases for a while, but that will not help you feel at home after your last-minute move. Instead, you should tackle this process straight away and if you stick to these simple rules, you might easily be able to unpack in just a few days.

A last-minute move is never fun, no matter what is waiting for you at your new residence. Still, if you take things slow and focus on what is important, you will manage to complete this process quicker than you have anticipated and your last-minute move ill not seem so stressful!

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