Making Light Work of Larger Lawns

Larger lawns can look really good but they take a lot of looking after to keep them that way. It means more mowing, more weeding, and more potential labor hours in the yard.

For some people that have never had to care for one before that can be a problem, so here we are sharing with you some tips on keeping larger lawns in tip-top condition.

larger lawns

Making Light Work of Larger Lawns

The following tips are for the do-it-yourself homeowner who wishes to maintain their larger lawns themselves. However, if you do not have the time or do not wish to try these options yourself, check the internet for local companies that can provide these services for you such as who can provide these services for you.


Nothing looks worse than a lawn full of weeds. So removing them is vital if you want your lawn to stay looking good. You can do this by hand, with a hand-held weed remover, with a garden hoe, or by applying an herbicide directly onto the weeds.

You just need to follow the instructions carefully. And make sure you apply it at the right time. The other option is to put a weed and feed on your lawn. This will kill the weeds and help the new grass to grow where they have been.

larger lawns


Mowing your lawn in the correct manner can make a huge difference to its healthiness. Never cut it too short. A bit more length makes it harder for weeds to grow. The lawn is less likely to be turned brown by the sun. Don’t always mow in the same direction. Alter it by about 90 degrees from the last time you mowed.

Consider investing in a zero turn mower as this will make the job of mowing the lawn much easier. Seriously, it makes the process so much more effortless! And it saves mowing time on larger lawns.

larger lawns

Aerate The Lawn

Sometimes, your lawn can become so compact its needs aerati
ng to allow it to breathe again. You need to walk all over the lawn with a garden fork, pushing it into the lawn at regular intervals. The fork will make small holes in the lawn that will allow air water and nutrients to get to the grass, helping to make it healthier.

For larger lawns, you can rent an aerator. This will save time and the rental is usually pretty affordable.

larger lawns


Water Regularly

Watering your lawn can be very time consuming but it is something that cannot be missed. For some, installing a water sprinkler system is the answer. These can be timed to come on at the best times of day for your lawn.

Underground sprinkler systems are the most popular. This is because they are so unobtrusive. They also handle the job very efficiently.

larger lawns


The best time to feed your lawn is when rain is forecast, as this will make sure the food is washed into the roots of the lawn. It is generally recommended that you feed your lawn twice a year, and within a week it should look greener and healthier.

While feeding is a good time to look for any bare patches which you can seed and feed at the same time.

larger lawn


Keep the edges of your lawn looking as good as the rest of it by keeping them trimmed. If you leave the edges to overgrow, they can spoil the whole effect of an otherwise good-looking lawn. With larger lawns, it is probably best to use a weedeater to make the job much easier.

larger lawn


Here’s to a bright and beautiful big lawn!

Easy to tips to help maintain larger lawns.

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