Tips For Having A Large Homestead

You have lived in your home for several years now and have watched your little ones learn how to walk and grow up right before your eyes. You love your large homestead more than you could ever imagine simply because of the joyful memories it has stored inside.


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Living in a spacious property with a lot of outdoor space takes a lot of maintenance. You are always working hard to achieve your perfect homestead garden. You realize that you won’t have the perfect space overnight. But you are willing to work hard to maintain the stunning home you have grown to adore.


large homestead


From the garden to the garage it’s time to learn the secrets behind looking after a large homestead like yours. You need to keep on top of the housework, as well as making sure your outdoor space is safe for your family.



Tips For Having A Large Homestead



There are elements of your large homestead that you might forget to cover or might not realize their full potential. Make the most of the space you have been blessed with. Take care of it as well as you can. You want to make sure your home is a healthy, harmonious and a happy place to be.


large property


Take some time to consider these handy household ideas. Convert your garage into a luxurious lounge area or change up your cleaning habits in order to reduce toxins in the atmosphere. If you take on board just a few of these ideas you will sooner have a much cleaner, safer and more pleasant homestead that you can enjoy for the years to come.



Water Wonderful


When you’re living on a large homestead you will understand the importance of caring for your lawn. During the summer months, your grass will need much more water than usual. So it is handy to use a sprinkler to help keep it fresh, green and luscious. Visit for more information about checking your water supply for dangerous pollutants.


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You might need a new sprinkler system to help reduce your water waste. This will make sure a healthy water supply for your family is available. Toxins and pesticides can be extremely dangerous if they enter your irrigation system. So it’s worth getting it checked out just to be safe.



Lovely Landscaping


Now that your grass is dewy and hydrated, you can start to focus on the overall landscape of your garden. If you have a huge patch of land then you might find this a bigger job than others. But it can be easily managed as long as you have a plan. Think about how you use your space and where you need everything to be. Do you keep animals? Do you grow your own vegetables?


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Think about laying your garden out in a logical way so that you can make the most out of your space. Make sure you trim your hedges regularly so they always look neat and tidy. You might also want to tidy up your flower bed so that they look fabulously tidy too.



Growing Glory


Growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers will be something you are already used to doing at home. But you could make it even bigger and better than it is now. The more food you grow yourself the more environmentally friendly you are being. You will reduce waste, know that you are eating organically and you will be much more self-sufficient.


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Discover the best times of year to grow particular vegetables so that you can eat seasonally. Growing your own herbs and vegetables can be an extremely enjoyable hobby to keep up with and it will help you to have a much healthier lifestyle.



Savvy Space


Now that you have totally mastered your outdoor space on your large homestead it’s time to make the most of your indoor areas. Like many homestead owners, you are probably missing out on some amazing rooms in your home.


At the moment your garage is home to rusty lawnmowers, old garden tools and discarded knick-knacks that you are never going to use again. Why not completely transform your garage into a modern movie theatre or a snug lounge area? Perhaps you love crafts and you need a new space to carry out your hobby.


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Make the most of the room you have been blessed with. Don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating something completely new.



Deep Cleaning Duties


Keeping a large homestead clean is a full-time job. It is something that needs to be carefully considered. Over time your home could build up with dirt, dust, and mold that could affect your family’s health. Regular deep cleaning will prevent this from happening. It will give you peace of mind that your home is safe for everybody.


Once a month you should aim to deep clean all of your rooms. That means not missing a single spot. High up on the closets and in between the ornaments on the shelves; these are things that are often neglected during regular cleaning rituals. Leave no stone unturned and maintain a healthy and happy home all year round.

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Get your friends and family to help you if you think it’s too much of a chore to do on your own. Cleaning is much more fun when everyone is together anyway!



Healthy Home Hacks


You are probably well aware of the harmful chemicals and toxins that are present in regular household cleaning products. You don’t want your beautiful homestead to be swarming with these nasty products. Make your own cleaners instead of buying harsh chemicals from the store. Many ingredients that are already in your cupboard can be used to clean stubborn stains. The more natural the better. Try it out for yourself.


White vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water will clear up a clogged drain instantly. Make your own lemon and rosemary spray to clean the rusty brass taps in your kitchen and bathroom. Everyone should use more homemade cleaning products as it is much better for the atmosphere.

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Bye Bye Bugs


Nasty bed bugs are the last thing you want in your stunning abode. Do everything you can to prevent these. Your bed is full of tiny dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye. Make sure you vacuum your mattress at least once a month. Wash your pillows and duvet cover on a high heat. Put them in the dryer to kill any bacteria.


Once you get bed bugs they are very difficult to get rid of. These preventative methods will save you a tonne of time and headaches in the long run.



Recycling Rules


You have seen all of the latest documentaries on television about our oceans being polluted with plastic. Beautiful, majestic, sea creatures are eating plastic bags, bottles, and packages because of our negligence. We need to do more to keep the planet safe and make sure our engendered animals are kept healthy.

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Recycle as much as you can and try to go plastic-free when possible. Create a logical recycling system at home so that you know exactly where to put your throw away items. Start up a challenge to go plastic-free for a week. Do this once a month. Make sure you take your own shopping bags to the grocery store. Buy a refillable water bottle and invest in a reusable thermos for your morning coffee.

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The less disposable plastic we use the better and the bigger the impact we will have on sea life. You don’t want to keep contributing to the travesties that are occurring in the modern day. Let’s make a change and set the trend for our future generations.



Wildlife Wonders


Look after local wildlife too, by providing birds and hedgehogs with water and food. A birdbath makes a beautiful addition to any garden and will help birds to rest and bathe during the hot summer days. Make your own bird feed too. Leave it out for your local winged friends.

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Keep away unnecessary vermin by keeping your garbage can lids firmly shut. Animals are our friends. But we don’t need them rooting around our rubbish during the night. Whether you make your own bird feed or install a birdhouse, at least you know you are doing your best to keep our local animals safe and healthy.


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In Conclusion


Being outside and at one with nature is what every homestead owner loves to do. Check your outdoor spaces are super safe for all the family.  As well as maintaining your garden you might want to change up the inside too.


Freshen up your rooms with a dutiful deep clean. Give a tired room a much-needed makeover. Overall, you want your home to feel well kept and under control so that you can truly enjoy the home you have created over the years.


The environment is important to us too. So this should always be a consideration at the top of your list. If we can all do our share and live harmoniously in the beautiful environment around us we will all be able to live a much a happier and full-filled life at home. And we enjoy living on our large homestead all the more.


Having a large homestead means taking care of the outside as well as the inside.


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