8 Landscaping Projects That Definitely Improves Your Curb Appeal

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whether Oscar Wilde or Will Rogers coined the term, it still rings true today, especially in terms of a home’s curb appeal. Whether you are ready to boost your curb appeal for your own satisfaction or you are selling your home and want to give the right first impression, here are 9 landscaping projects for improving your curb appeal with landscaping. 

DIY Landscaping Projects

Landscaped Yard

1. Frame your walkway

One of the easiest landscaping projects is to add a flower garden to your landscape. Adding a small flower bed that lines the walkway leading to your front door can make a significant impact. Neatly tended beds filled with colorful flowers and shrubs create a welcoming feel and guide people up the walkway to your home. If you don’t have a front walkway, it is time to add one.

2. Mulch flower beds

While we are on the topic of flower beds, make sure that they are looking sharp by adding a layer of mulch to them. This is easily one of the weekend landscaping projects you can tackle on your own. Not only does mulch keep flower beds looking tidy and create a solid background against which colorful flowers pop, but it is also functional. All that time and money you spent planting bright blooms in your beds? Mulch helps keep them watered for longer by creating a protective soil cover that retains moisture.

Mulch in flower beds

3. Edge your lawn

Part of your home’s curb appeal is your lawn’s appearance. It is one thing to keep your yard clear of debris and grass trimmed neatly, but you take things to another level when you edge it. Edging keeps grass and weeds from spilling over onto walkways, flower beds, and driveway. Creating a border around your home with edging gives it a neat and polished look.

4. Light things up

Your curb appeal does not have to go away after the sun goes down. Add lighting around your home’s exterior to shine a literal spotlight on it. Edged walkways are amplified when you add solar lights lining them – and, of course, there’s the functional aspect of lining them with lighting. The great thing about adding solar lights around your home is that you don’t have to mess with additional wiring which makes this yet another one of the DIY landscaping projects. So feel free to add spotlights, luminaries, and torch lighting to cast a warm glow over your home’s exterior.

5. Add tall planters

If you want to see results this weekend, head out and purchase a few tall planters, potting soil, and seasonal flowers – it’s that easy! Tall planters are excellent for making a grand statement at your front door and look stunning when lining a walkway or accenting a patio area. The best part is that they are pretty easy to plant and maintain, and you can change plantings to match the seasons.

tall planters

6. Give your porch or patio area a facelift

If you don’t already have a patio area, there’s never been a better time to create one with another of the landscaping projects you can complete on a weekend. In fact, real estate referral company HomeLight conducted a spring quarter survey of their top agents. Unsurprisingly, agents across the country reported an increase in remodeling projects – inspired by the pandemic – including homeowners wanting to spruce up their outdoor areas for relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. Even if you are not a homebody, you will find yourself wanting to stay home more with an upgraded porch or patio area.

7. Add a fence

Whether it is a waist-high picket fence lining your yard’s boundaries, or a privacy fence surrounding your backyard oasis, fencing adds curb appeal. The material you choose makes a statement, so if you are more interested in decorative fencing – rather than functional privacy fencing – consider wrought iron instead of wood. This could be one of the landscaping projects best left to a professional if you are unsure you are able to do this yourself.

8. Update the mailbox

When was the last time you considered your mailbox and the surrounding area? Refresh your mailbox with a coat of paint, or shop for a unique receptacle that suits your personality. Once you have settled on a mailbox design, take a look at the base of the post. Consider creating a small flower bed to dress things up with shrubbery or seasonal flowers.

Whether you are ready to boost your curb appeal for your own satisfaction or you are selling your home and want to give the right first impression, here are 8 landscaping projects for improving your curb appeal with landscaping.

As you can see, breathing new life into your home’s curb appeal can include landscaping projects that are from simple weekend projects to more intricate jobs that are best left to contractors.

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