Landscape Design Trends to Get Quickly Inspired

The appeal of a well-groomed outdoor space for a backyard barbecue party, cozy nights with family, or quiet time alone never goes out of style. But like anything else in the world of design, landscape trends come and go. This 2020, give your patio, lawn, or porch the refresh it deserves. Here are some landscape design trends to inspire you:

landscape design trends

Shades of blue

It’s essential to follow proven and tested landscape design ideas and rules. Still, this shouldn’t keep you from revamping your outdoor space with hot design trends, such as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 — Classic Blue. It is an amazing color that adds calmness to any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Hydrangeas are an easy blue option, but you may find it difficult to find other Classic Blue plants. You can focus more on adding shades of blue in hardscapes, furniture, and decor such as planters.

Hydrangeas are the newest trend color.

Low-maintenance lawn

The manicured green lawn is a strong symbol of a healthy household. But this year, more homeowners demand a low-maintenance lawn for two simple reasons. For one, they don’t want to spend their free time tending to their lawn. They want to spend this time relaxing and socializing instead. Also, high water usage to keep the lawn healthy doesn’t sit well with those who want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you feel the same way, you have a couple of options. You can start using drought-tolerant grass alternatives, such as white clover and ryegrasses. You can also consider xeriscaping. It is a landscaping style designed to achieve both water conservation and a great aesthetic.

Xeriiscaping is for a yard that requires a minimalist approach

Minimalist design

What’s the perfect match for a low-maintenance lawn or patio? Minimalist outdoor space design, of course. The trend focuses on sleek, contemporary landscape designs that not only look great but are also functional even in various seasons. Think heat lamps and protective structures such as pergolas that make it easy and comfortable to spend more time outdoors.

Also, don’t forget about the trees on your property. To achieve minimalist landscape design, be sure they are trimmed to a desirable shape and size. Expert tree trimming in Fresno and other areas is available. It‘s better to include the service as part of your year-round maintenance to keep your space looking great.

A pergola can add a contemporary approach to your new garden.

Bringing the indoors outside

More and more homeowners turn their outdoor space into a cozy, functional hangout spot. They replace grills with an outdoor kitchen. Pergolas continue to grow in popularity, making patios a comfortable retreat.

Want the same thing for your patio? Don’t be afraid to bring the indoors outside. You can start by placing throw pillows and cushioned chairs on the patio to create a more comfortable seating area. If you have the resources, consider building a permanent outdoor kitchen and dining area in the backyard.

An outdor kitchen is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

This 2020, eco-friendly, minimalist, and low-maintenance landscaping design and materials will likely be a hit. You can’t go wrong by updating your outdoor space with these design trends. After all, they’re not only stylish and popular but also suit the everyday needs of modern-day homeowners.

Find inspiration for your home with these landscape design trends.


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