Keeping A Kitchen Redesign Cost Friendly

If you’re completing a renovation on your home this year, we have no doubt that a kitchen redesign is somewhere near the top of the list of your priorities. This is understandable as renovating the kitchen will actually usually add the greatest value to your home. Kitchen and bathrooms, these are the two areas that people will tackle before they put their property on the market. Unfortunately, the kitchen is also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can make changes while also keeping your budget under control.

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Keeping A Kitchen Redesign Cost Friendly



Use Basic Stock Cabinets


If you are thinking about replacing the fittings in your kitchen, you should think about opting for stock cabinets. According to sites like, these are the cheapest option that provides the maximum value for you in your home. As such, there’s really no downside here. You should talk to your contractor about using stock cabinets rather than getting your arm twisted into buying something more stylish and ultimately more expensive.

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Upgrade Faucets And Handles


If you don’t want to take on too many large jobs when renovating your kitchen, you can consider keeping your original cupboards and fixtures in place. Instead, you can update some of the more specific details like handles on the doors and the faucet on the sink. Your faucets and handles will age your room if they are old-fashioned because they are some of the features that draw attention as soon as you enter the room. If you want to avoid this issue, check out some modern minimalistic designs and replace the ones in your kitchen with these. We think you’ll find they have an immediate effect on how your room looks and feels.

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If you don’t want to replace the cupboard doors, you can also consider sanding them down and varnishing them. While this does require some DIY work, sanding down the doors with a new finish will help give your kitchen a completely fresh look and make it feel new once more. You can learn about sanding down cupboard doors on


Shop Around


Not all the work you complete in your kitchen can be done with your own two hands. That’s why you need to make sure that you are hiring the right team to complete your kitchen. Do keep in mind that prices for these types of services often vary dramatically. Make sure that you explore the market and find the right deal for you, without losing the quality of your service.

Most people think of a kitchen redesign when they think of remodeling. Here is how to keep your redesign cost effective.


Have A Plan In Place


Lastly, make sure that you are putting together a clear plan for your kitchen redesign. The easiest way for your budget to grow out of control is by adding extra features or new additions to an existing design concept. Once you have created a kitchen design that you’re happy with, accept it and don’t add any other ideas. Sometimes a contractor will try to convince you to add more to make your kitchen even better. You’ll need to stand firm with the original plans that you have already budgeted effectively.

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Now you know a few ways you can have the kitchen redesign you want for your home and save money in the process. Take the time to plan, budget and stick with your decisions. You won’t regret it. Have you done a kitchen redesign in your home? Please share your tips for saving money in the comment box below.



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