Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Kitchen Flooring and Backsplash Tiles

With the trend toward open floor plans, the kitchen has become the focal point of many modern homes. Your kitchen may transform from good-looking to excellent with simple styling methods. There are some great kitchen makeover ideas you can do.

Regarding home improvement, few rooms are as challenging as the kitchen with tiles. Kitchen makeover ideas require careful design to optimize space and perform effectively. It has more built-ins and wiring than bedrooms and living areas.

Don’t overlook the importance of new flooring and backsplash tile while redesigning your kitchen. It is recommended that around 7% of a kitchen makeover budget go toward new flooring. Also, the backsplash, flooring, and cabinets must be put in before putting in countertops.

Some of these activities may be achievable by a homeowner, but for the best results, hire a specialist.

Kitchen with new backsplash

Flooring Ideas for the Kitchen

Outdated kitchens use stone tiles and wood, not laminate and backsplashes. Contemporary homes often use polished concrete floors for their sleek, industrial look.

Although there are many flooring choices, ceramic in the kitchen is always an excellent idea. We will discuss some great kitchen makeover ideas you may use for your kitchen floor in our discussion below.


Hardwood is still prevalent, even if other flooring options have come and gone. Solid wood flooring is warm to the touch, beautiful, and moisture-resistant.

There are a few things to consider about hardwood flooring. For example, scratches, scuffs, and other signs of wear are inevitable on wood floors. In high-traffic locations, they may probably need to be refinished. The cost of refinishing must be included.

Ceramic or Porcelain

It’s a popular floor or wall tile due to its durability and usage in kitchens. You can get this from any credible tile shop. Clay is the natural substance used to make ceramic tiles, which are then baked to a hard, durable surface. They come in various designs, forms, hues, and patterns.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are another attractive and efficient kitchen solution. Stone tiles (marble, granite, etc.) come in many hues and designs, but the most popular are natural.

Care for natural stone tile is more involved than porcelain or ceramic. They usually need initial sealing after installation and subsequent resealing at periodic intervals.


Vinyl tile flooring may be less hardy than some other alternatives (like ceramic tiles), but it is still a solid and long-lasting choice. The most popular vinyl style in 2021 is the wood grain pattern. Vinyl looks like wood but is more comfortable and durable than hardwood.


Water-resistant tiles have long been the norm in bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles may endure a lifetime if they are correctly laid, grouted, and sealed. Anecdotally, tile is the most common choice for kitchen flooring. Kitchen floor tiles design come in various styles, so select a couple you like. Then, find a reputed store that offers Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture for sale so that you can get a good deal.

Kitchen with new floor

Why Is Backsplash the Best?

Kitchen backsplash tile produces a watertight barrier that might save you money on repairs. A backsplash tile improves your kitchen’s beauty and market value. To completely transform their kitchen style, some individuals paint every cabinet and put in a whole new countertop. It’s expensive, but you can lower the expense by using a glass tile backsplash instead of painting cabinets.

Despite appearances, tiling a kitchen backsplash is a relatively small job. And it is one of the easiest kitchen makeover ideas. Due to limited space, the whole process will be easy. All you need to do is to find the best backsplash tile design that fits your kitchen design.

Backsplash tiles are an eco-friendly material. The resources used to make tile are accessible both in terms of mining and production. Easy availability of tile means low-cost requirements for production.

Brick backsplash behind stove

Best Backsplash Ideas

1. Backsplashes in Vibrant Colors

Colorful tile backsplash will give the kitchen a vibrant look. Backsplash tiles tend to be quite glossy, which can create exciting shadows. With that, open shelving instead of taller cabinets will draw attention to the colorful wall.

2. Backsplash Tiles for Decoration

If you want your kitchen’s backsplash to stand out, feel free to use traditional forms. Star-shaped decorative stone tiles decorate the wall of a conventional kitchen. Here are some other tile shapes that you can use to decorate your kitchen wall:

  • Black and white hexagon backsplash tile
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • Square backsplash tile shapes
  • Penny-shaped backsplash tile

You can form these tiles into whichever shape you like. You can make small boxes with a different tile in the middle to achieve a more regal look.

A subway tile backsplash is a classic option for modern kitchens. White subway tiles could be made to seem more interesting by using dark grout in the joints. Also, gray-green subway tiles brighten a simple kitchen.

Ceramic subway tiles are cheaper than other tiles, so you may create an economical kitchen backsplash. You may also use this backsplash to install halfway up the wall to save money.

You can also make a mosaic out of these various-shaped tiles. Just make sure to get plenty of different colored tiles that will complete your mosaic.

Tile backsplash

3. Use of Recycled Glass Tiles for the Backsplash

The best kitchen tile backsplashes are nearly unnoticeable against cabinets and surfaces. Use a recycled glass tile backsplash to show off your eco-conscious side stylishly. As they can be recycled and reused, glass tiles are a sustainable option.

It opens a world of possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind glass tile for the backsplash in your kitchen. A recycled glass tile for the backsplash can also be included in your design. If you have a broken or damaged china vase, you can use the fragments to make beautiful patterns and motifs for your backsplash.

4. Mix and Match Modern Backsplash

Walls with a flat front set the tone for the rest of the kitchen’s contemporary design. Consider a peel-and-stick backsplash to complete your modern kitchen look. The kitchen wall can be covered in thin black and gray glass mosaic tiles.

Mix and match tile

5. Traditional Country Kitchen Backsplash

If you furnish your kitchen with antiques and other vintage touches, it will have the impression of a relaxed yet lavish space. The wall around the cabinet and sink could be remodeled with a tongue-and-groove board backsplash. It will give your kitchen a farmhouse look.

By putting marble and the backsplash together in a nontraditional way, you can make the room feel more casual.

Methods to Make Your Kitchen Look More Stylish

1. Fresh Flowers

The kitchen bench is a high-traffic area; therefore, we recommend displaying flowers there. It adds to the ambiance and fragrance of the whole kitchen area. 

If the high price of fresh flowers is too much to bear, consider a bouquet made up of local flowers instead. They may survive twice as long as other cut flowers. There are flower delivery services if you don’t have time to choose a florist.

Fresh Flowers in Kitchen

2. Throw a Kitchen Runner Around to Make It Cozier

Fabrics, such as a kitchen runner, can help soften a room’s look and make it seem more inviting. Sometimes in the winter, the floor tile of your kitchen might be chilly to the bare feet.

Having a nice and colorful rug might be a great way to keep your feet warm. In addition, the kitchen will have a fresh and relaxing appearance. If your home has a kitchen island, the runner should measure up to its whole length.

Instead of a lengthy runner, use a little rug or mat under the sink to keep your feet clean. The typical rug size in front of a sink should be three feet by five feet.

3. Designing the Cooking Space

Packing the essential things around the area adjacent to the gas range is typical, but they can also be beautiful. You can get salt and pepper shakers, oil and vinegar dispensers, paper towels, and knives in various designs. Keep an old-fashioned utensil holder and wooden cooking utensils beside the stove.


As you work on replacing the flooring in your kitchen with tiles, you may have a lot on your mind. A significant concern may be whether or not you will come to regret the redesign.

Hardwood or ceramic tiles are acceptable options for the kitchen floor. However, while considering flooring, it’s essential to consider the room as a whole. The backsplash tiles for the kitchen can be used here. It’s ideal for the wall above the stove or the one beside the dishwasher.

With the help of our in-depth manual, you now have many excellent kitchen makeover ideas that can improve your kitchen’s look.

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