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Do you have a kitchen garden on your homestead? I do and I love mine. It’s convenient and fun. It provides everything I need close at hand while I’m cooking.



What is a Kitchen Garden?

Planting a Kitchen Garden is a rewarding experience and keeps what you need to cook with close by!


A kitchen garden is a small garden usually placed very close to the house. Its purpose is to provide some of the fresh ingredients you may need while cooking. It is not part of the bigger gardens you may grow larger crops in.


Kitchen Garden Peas

English Peas



I have a large vegetable garden in the back that I use for canning and preserving. But on the side of my house is where I keep small quantities of herbs and veggies that I use all the time.


This type of garden is like a convenience garden for everyday ingredients and changes by season.



What to Grow in the Kitchen Garden



What you grow in your garden is totally about you and your family needs. If you don’t eat tomatoes, for example, you won’t grow them in your garden. If you eat a lot of parsley, however, you would plant plenty of parsley.


kitchen garden

Red tipped leaf lettuce and parsley


What you plant also depends on the season and climate where you live. In the spring here in Florida I usually plant bulb onions, carrots, radishes, peppers, peas, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce and various herbs.



When the summer starts the lettuces and radishes are usually all harvested along with all the onions and I start on tomatoes and other veggies and herbs that can take the high heat here. The peppers stay in all year round.



Perennials and Ornamentals in the Kitchen Garden



kitchen garden pond

My small pond and ornamentals


I have to have color and I love flowers and ponds. Therefore, I added a small pond on the side of my walkway and planted perennials like coreopsis, butterfly plants, ornamental bamboo, and phlox. I even placed an ornamental tree in the corner between my lettuce and onions.


I also added some birdhouses and ornamental pieces and I am happy with my kitchen garden even though it is far from done. The nicest thing about my kitchen garden is that it is always changing each season.


 How to Get Started



If you don’t know where to start or what to plant, check out Google and search the term “kitchen Gardens” for some inspiration there. Also, check out my Pinterest board Kitchen Gardens for more ideas! Oh, and I won’t mind if you follow me on Pinterest either! I have plenty of gardening ideas so be sure to check it out!



Do you have a kitchen garden on your homestead? What do you plant in it?