5 Kitchen Design Trends to Follow In 2022

Take a walk down memory lane for a moment. Do you remember what kitchen design used to look like? They were austere spaces that served one purpose, functionality. A place to cook up meals and clean dishes. 

Many homes would have a separate dining area. That required transporting meals from one room to another. The kitchen was hidden. Walls and doors separated it from the other areas in the house. 

Kitchens have now evolved beyond the functionality we have talked about above. The walls have come down, and more people enjoy the open concept. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all combined into one open space. 

There is more attention to design elements so that the kitchen blends into the existing decor. People now congregate and eat in the same space. Pops of color and fancy appliances describe the modern kitchen. 

It is interesting to keep an eye on kitchen design trends. Let’s look at some that you need to follow in 2022. 

Modern green kitchen design

1. Kitchens Are Conversation Pieces

If your kitchen doesn’t spark off some conversation, then you haven’t caught on to the kitchen design trends. Why do you think people spend so much on appliances, attractive cabinetry, and expensive countertops? 

The aim is to elicit the wow factor. The beauty should not exist only in the living room or bedrooms. It should extend across the home. 

The integration of the kitchen into the living area makes this a requirement. You can’t have a fancy living room and bland kitchen. They exist in one space.  

There is a trick to making your kitchen design stand out. It starts with paying as much attention to the small details as you would the largest ones. What good is a fancy cabinet with boring old cutlery or crockery? 

How about food presentation? Do you have the right serverware to impress your guests? Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jessica Biel, Kristen Wiig and Katherine Schwarzenegger buy their cheeseboards from Lynnliana. The craftsmanship and attention to detail of the serverware take hosting to another level. 

And, the beauty of the cheeseboard sets makes them ideal for displaying when they’re not in use. You get functionality and art in one piece.  

Open kitchen plan in home

2. Expect an Infusion of Colors

We can expect more people to get daring with color choices. The standard white cabinets might take their last breaths. Tons of creativity is already showing in some modern kitchens. 

Here, we are talking about blue, red, yellow, or even green cabinets. As a matter of fact, with more focus on sustainability, green may very well be the go-to color. Professional interior designers predict emerald green as the top choice in 2022.  

The main attraction with green is the idea of bringing the outdoors in. There are so many ranges on that color palette. This allows for the mix and match of different shades of green for a unique look. 

Red kitchen cabinets are part of the newest kitchen design trends of 2022

Backsplashes and Appliances Matter in Kitchen Design Too

Backsplashes is another area getting an injection of color w with the newest kitchen design trends. Tile backsplashes in exciting colors and shapes are creating areas of interest. The idea is to get a backsplash that contrasts with the quartz countertops design.. 

A black marble countertop will pop out much more with a mosaic designer backsplash. Increase the visual appeal and functionality of the backsplash by letting it run from the countertop to the ceiling. 

Low backsplashes are on their way out. A higher one also means better protection for the wall around the sink and stove. For example, you could consider something like one of these White Splashbacks to cover your wall, as they’ll add protection as mentioned, and also look stunning!

The color infusion doesn’t stop at cabinets or walls. Let it run through to the kitchen appliances as well. The 2022 design trend is seeing a shift from metallic or stainless steel appliances to more color.  

Colorful appliances allow for the creation of interesting contrasts within the space. Designers cover metallic surfaces with wood paneling, then paint it over with the client’s color of choice.   

Tiled backsplash

3. Larger Focus on Functionality with Multipurpose Kitchens

As we’ve stated above, the modern kitchen serves multiple purposes. There is the basic cooking and cleaning-up functionality. But, it is also an activity hub. Families gather to catch up on the day’s activities while cooking is underway.

Kids can complete their homework. The parents could be finishing some last-minute work as they sip their morning coffee. It is also not uncommon to entertain guests in the kitchen.  

The kitchen design trends must focus on multi-functionality. Incorporating a kitchen island, for instance, provides sitting, workstations, and food prep stations. Indeed an island is a trend that many modern kitchens don’t pass up on. 

Child doing homework in the kitchen

4. Lighting and More Lighting for Kitchen Design

Lights can make a significant difference to how an interior space looks. Unfortunately, for a long time, the kitchen lighting was relegated ceiling LED lights. But not anymore. 

Accent lighting will be a big deal in the kitchen design trends in 2022. Homeowners will pay attention to how they light up the kitchen space. Think about warmer lighting, table/countertop lights, pendant lights, and attractive bulb holders.  

Dimmers will also make their way into the kitchen. A romantic dinner at the kitchen island would not be the same with harsh overhead lighting.  

Lights will add to the overall presentation or decor styles. It won’t be just about functionality, but aesthetics as well.  

Kitchen lighting

5. Unique Material Combinations Are In

The range of creativity in kitchen design trends will extend to material choice. We can expect unique combinations of wood, metals, and even stone. Think metallic appliances, wood panels on the walls, and countertops. 

Each material will provide many options for the truly creative. These include oxidized metals, colored marble, onyx, antiquated bricks, or quartz. They will make the kitchen design look very interesting. 

Remember our point of paying attention to the smallest details? The contrast of wooden serverware displayed on a stone counter would look amazing. 

Mixture of design elements

Modern homeowners are more creative and daring in their design styles. With the evolution of the kitchen, they’re shifting their focus to making the space stand out. 

Homeowners are not afraid to embrace color and they don’t limit themselves to traditional materials like wood and metal.  

2022 is the year when kitchen design will allow for a greater expression of personal style and preferences. It’s all about creating a multipurpose space that everyone can enjoy.

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