How To Add Killer Curb Appeal To Your Homestead

If you find yourself with some disposable income burning a hole in your pocket, you might be tempted to embark on some home renovations. You might have your heart set on a new kitchen, you might fancy knocking through to create a large kitchen dining space, or you might just want to give your humble abode a fresh lick of paint. Sometimes, we want to add value to our homes and will think about converting our attic space into another bedroom or extend outwards to create more downstairs living space. However, before you embark on any grand plans, you shouldn’t overlook having some killer curb appeal first.


The first thing that any visitor, passer-by or potential buyer will see of your home is the facade, the driveway, and the front garden. You could have the most glorious show home look interior. But if your outside render is peeling, your front lawn is looking more like a jungle, and your roof is bowing, this can be a little redundant. You need to pump some of your savings into the appearance of your home. Take a look at how you can create some killer curb appeal for your little patch of bricks and mortar.

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How To Add Killer Curb Appeal To Your Homestead






Even if you don’t have a horticultural bone in your body, it pays to at least keep your front lawn well-coiffed, your hanging baskets watered and your flora and fauna pruned. You don’t need to create a swanky designer garden. But you do need to keep the frontage neat, tidy and well maintained. Mow the lawn, water the plants and sweep up the leaves. This is the start of some killer curb appeal.


Don’t overlook your driveway. You may have brickwork, concrete or gravel that needs to be cared for. Ants can create nifty little habitats in between your paving and weeds can creep up in between your slabs. Make sure you have a weed spray regime. Also, ensure you use a pet-friendly deterrent for any creepy crawlies that are looking to destroy your driveway.

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The windows of your home are like the eyes of a human soul. You can tell a lot from how decent the glazing is. This includes the shutters or boxes used to dress the windows. It pays to investigate a company like Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. They can both manufacture and install bespoke double glazing to meet your exact requirements. The glazing you choose can keep your home more energy efficient and save you money on utility bills.


As well as the glazing itself, you need to dress your windows appropriately. Beautiful custom made interior wooden shutters can create killer curb appeal. You might also want to head to your local garden center to pick up some window boxes. These will add a splash of colorful foliage to your exterior.

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House Numbers


While it might seem to be a minor factor when it comes to the facade of your humble abode, seeing your house numbers displayed in an organized manner can create a positive impression. There’s nothing worse than trying to locate a property only to see handwritten painted numbers on a wonky fence post. Instead, invest a few dollars on a traditional cast iron or modern perspex printed set of house numbers.

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Brickwork And Render


Some homes look gloriously traditional with their red brick facade. However, this can begin to look messy. Especially when the bricks become stained, and the cement joints become cracked. To combat this power wash the frontage to your home annually. Explore the option of repointing the brickwork. This will make your home look cleaner and neater. And it will cause even more killer curb appeal.


If your brickwork is beyond repair, consider the option of whipping up some rendering. This can create a crisper look from the curbside, and you can select the color of your frontage. White rendering can look modern and minimalist. Off-white can look more traditional and could fit in more appropriately with the more traditional houses in your locality.


Great tips to having killer curb appeal on your home.


You shouldn’t simply focus on the exterior of your home if you are looking to sell. You want your home to be equally aesthetically pleasing outside and inside. If you have a vintage-inspired living room, a fantastic shaker style kitchen and a well-utilized wood burning stove for the winter, it’s only right that you want the cozy shutters for your windows to exude the same ambiance. The next time you are considering carrying out some home renovations, forget about your interior design plans and take a look at creating some killer curbside appeal.


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