Design Your Kids’ Bedrooms to Grow with Them

Designing and decorating a bedroom for your kids can end up being both expensive and time-consuming. Especially if you are having to update it every couple of years to suit their changing tastes as they get older. There are a few tricks which we are going to discuss in this article which will help you create the kind of timeless room that lasts throughout their entire childhood. Let’s get started so you can design your kids’ bedrooms to grow with them!

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Design Your Kids’ Bedrooms to Grow with Them



Pick a Classic Color Scheme


To stop yourself from having to dust off the paintbrushes on a regular basis, you should pick a color scheme which ticks the boxes of being both elegant and neutral. Two or three shades will do. This will also stop you from overpowering the room with bright paint. To keep things interesting, you can always do some little design changes. Or you can have one accent wall that you update rather than doing the whole room.


Don’t Be Too Age-Focused on Decor


Your child may be interested in cars for a couple of years. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and get them a racecar bed. Instead, you should look to invest in a decent original model which you can update over time. Check out some flair furniture and kids beds options here. When it comes to the rest of the decor in the room, you should be trying to reach a compromise between what your kids like and what you think looks good. Keep in mind that their tastes are likely to change before yours do!

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Toys, Textiles, and Accessories


We have already talked about the importance of keeping the integral elements of your kids’ bedrooms the same. But there are bound to be some things that you need to update over time. Stick to toys, textiles, and accessories, as these are easy to change. They are also a lot more affordable than buying new furniture every couple of years. Obviously, swapping the bedsheets is going to be a lot more affordable than swapping the bed!


Reconsider the Storage Options


If there is one room of the house which is going to need more storage than others, it is your kids’ bedrooms. So, think carefully about the different items that the room will need. Such things which will stand the test of time. For example, a good quality bookshelf and chest of drawers could end up lasting for decades. While their flatpack equivalents will probably need to be changed in a much shorter amount of time.



Design your kids’ bedrooms to grow with them and you will be making your life so much easier. In this way, you won’t have to keep endlessly repainting and buying furniture. Of course, there are bound to be some updates that you need to make as they grow. But if you keep these to the toys, textiles, and other accessories, you can make the room look different without breaking the bank.


Do you have other suggestions for designing your kids’ bedrooms? Add your suggestions to the comment box below.


You can simply design your kids bedrooms to grow with them easily with these tips.




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