How To Have A Kid-Friendly Backyard In 7 Steps

Compromise is something that can exist between kids and adults, too, especially when it comes to the family backyard oasis. Obviously, kids absolutely love to play outdoors and they should, as there are plenty of benefits to this. But, if you still want to have a backyard that you can enjoy as an adult, you may want to consider the following ideas for your kid-friendly backyard transformation.

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How To Have A Kid-Friendly Backyard In 7 Steps

1. Don’t Give Up the Greenery – Adjust It

When children come along, it’s important you make sure that you regularly mow your lawn. Overgrown grass can be hurtful for kids’ sensitive skin. Also, get rid of toxic plants no matter how beautiful they might look.

Children are known for liking to taste everything when they’re still little. Instead, opt for no-fuss shrubbery that’s not toxic. If you place these strategically, they will look nice. They will also act as a potential obstacle or fortress in kids’ play.

2. Build a Deck

Nothing beats having a deck in your backyard when it comes to both adult relaxation and kids’ playtime. If you have the necessary skills, you could build a deck on your own. You just have to make detailed plans first and gather the essential tools and materials.

Of course, you can always rely on professional help when building a deck is concerned. After all, this is definitely a worthy investment as it will bring much joy and fun memories to your whole family as well as friends who come to visit and hang out.

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3. Add an Interesting Garden Path

As you can imagine, having a nice garden path in your yard will definitely boost the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors. It will allow you to enjoy it even more. And, more importantly, your kids will absolutely love it.

For whatever reason, kids usually love to play along garden paths. Also, when there’s a garden path, your kids may not be as inclined to get into the actual garden area as much, which is a rather interesting phenomenon. That said, you can easily opt for one of the numerous DIY ideas available online. 

4. Have Fun with Furniture

If you don’t have room in your backyard for installing an actual swing without sacrificing some of your outdoor furniture, the best option to go for is a swing seat! That way, you can also enjoy it when your kids find something else to do outdoors.

A nice fabric hammock will definitely be a great addition to any backyard, though. After all, this particular piece of “furniture” will allow you to relax and your kids to have fun. 

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5. Provide a Proper Cover

In order to protect both you and your kids from the strong sun rays, it’s essential that you have some kind of shade in your backyard. If you already have your patio/deck covered, that’s great. Otherwise, you may consider investing in a pergola or even a canopy or shade sails. You can also check out the glass canopies that are available today.

But, in order to make things more interesting for your kids, a little tepee would be a great addition to the yard. You can build it yourself as the process is not that challenging; like this, it’ll match the aesthetic of your backyard better, opposed to buying children’s tepee tents. 

Another option to consider is a good old fashion treehouse! Depending on your space, there are a variety of different tree houses you can build to provide your kids with a place to relax away from the sun and explore their imagination at the same time. Building a treehouse is also a great way to spend time as a family, learn a little bit about construction, and of course, enjoy the great outdoors! Check out this list of free treehouse plans to choose one that’s right for your space!

6. Get a Climbing Wall

A great way to keep kids entertained and physically active in the backyard is to get them their own climbing wall. There are ready-made climbing walls for kids, which is great if you have enough room for the structure.

But, even if you don’t, you can simply make the wall yourself. All you really have to do is find a suitable sturdy wall and then screw the holds where you find appropriate. Your kids can help you with this task so that you can put the holds at places they can actually reach.

little boy climbing up a climbing wall

7. Store Away Your Tools

Gardening and craft tools lying around your backyard won’t do when you have kids who like to explore the outdoors. What’s more, this is not a nice sight for adults trying to relax outside either. Therefore, it would be best to properly store these.

You can make a small shed for the tools or add shelves under the deck surface and organize these into containers to utilize most out of the available space you have. That way, you’ll keep these in order, enjoy a nice view and keep your kids safe from playing with potentially dangerous “toys”. Remember that a safe backyard is a kid-friendly backyard.

Even if you don’t flood your kid-friendly backyard with toys, you can definitely create something that kids would enjoy as much as adults.

Even if you don’t flood your kid-friendly backyard with toys, you can definitely create something that kids would enjoy as much as adults. When you designate play areas and give the yard a makeover in your own fashion, you’ll be able to surprise your kids with something special and fun. And you will still maintain the relaxing and aesthetically pleasing vibe of your kid-friendly backyard. 


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