Key Homestead Improvements That Increase Value

key homestead improvements

It’s sad to say, but many of our homestead properties stand empty for years on end. This is an inevitable result of our leanings towards city life. While our lands were full of farmers as little as fifty years ago, our countryside is now often deserted. As a result, it isn’t unusual for a homestead to have fallen into a bit of disrepair before you make it a home again. Unlike a new city build, a neglected homestead could well have fallen foul to things like weeds and rotting. Despite this, you saw how that property’s potential and put in an offer on the strength of that. You know you will have to make some key homestead improvements.


Good for you, and welcome to the homestead fold. Before you move in, though, it’s worth noting that your property may not be ready to go without a few key homestead improvements. If you’re keen to get started, keep reading to find out what they are.


key home improvements

Key Homestead Improvements That Increase Value 



Exterior security


Your homestead walls won’t be as secure as they once were. There may be all manner of gaps and damp issues which mean the air inside as cold as out. You may find, too, that the years of weather and neglect have had some impact on your roof. This, too, can make the interior of your new property chilly. You might even find that raindrops fall on your head as you sit at home. That’s not a situation you want to move into.


To make sure you don’t have to, contact a siding and roofing company like Refined Exteriors the moment you get those keys. Such companies will fast be able to get to work both boarding your homestead’s exterior and patching up those missing roof tiles. The exterior of the homestead is one of the key homestead improvements you should start with.


key home improvements


Laying your flooring


If you’ve always opted for traditional houses until now, the chances are that you’re used to flooring being in place when you move. If your homestead is old enough, though, it’s entirely possible you’ll have no more than the dirt your house was built on. It isn’t until you do without proper flooring that you realize how it makes a home. Flooring is another one of the key homesteading improvements you should make.


If you want to make your homestead cozy before moving, then, it’s essential you take care of this. Whether you fancy wooden floors or carpet, be sure to put them in place well before you move the rest of your stuff in. Just like that, your rustic new property will start to feel like a comfortable space.




Pave the way for your appliances


You may also find it surprising to learn that old homesteads don’t often have foundations for modern appliances. There’s a chance that phone lines and washing machine connections weren’t a thing when your homestead was in use. Unlike moving into a city house, then, you can’t expect these things to be ready and waiting for you. That’s why your last of the key homesteading improvements you should do should be to put these things in place. By making sure that you’re connected, you can settle into your homestead and your new life as soon as possible.



If you can make these key homestead improvements on your homestead, you are sure to enjoy your homestead for many years to come!


If you can make these key homestead improvements on your homestead, you are sure to enjoy your homestead for many years to come!



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