Keeping your Tiny House Safe From Fire; It’s Biggest Threat

There’s much to love about the tiny house concept. They’re cozy, efficient, inexpensive, and allow you to spend your free time in more enriching and rewarding ways. However, that’s not to say that they’re perfect. There are issues. Take a fire, for instance: if one happens inside your tiny house, then, chances are, the whole thing is going to burn to the ground. That’s why it’s imperative that you take safety precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen. Check out how you can be keeping your tiny house safe from fire below, and make them part of your daily routine.



Keeping Your Tiny House Safe From Fire



Keeping your tiny house safe from fire is easy when you follow these simple tips.

Learn to Cook


It’s little surprise that most fires begin in the kitchen. After all, this is the one area of the home where a fire is permissible! In a regular home, the kitchen is large enough to ensure that anything that accidentally catches fire can be dealt with. In a tiny house? Not so much.


That’s why it’s imperative that you learn the correct code of conduct for cooking a kitchen. Learn how to stay safe, and never leave a burning stove unattended. You can’t always prevent fires from happening, but you can severely reduce their likelihood by staying safe in the kitchen. keeping your tiny house safe from fire means taking preventative measures in the kitchen.



Being safe when cooking is one way of keeping your tiny house safe from fire.



Keeping Things Separated


As well as keeping things in the kitchen safe, you can also reduce the likelihood of a fire spreading by keeping everything neat and tidy.


Let’s imagine two scenarios. In one, a lit match falls onto the floor; you see it quickly and stamp it out. In the other scenario, a lit match falls into a pile of clothes, papers, and other random items. Which of these two scenarios are more likely to result in a fire? The second, of course. Cleanliness is a great way of keeping your tiny house safe from fire!


Keep everything in its right place: it’ll make everything better.



An Eye on the Appliances


Sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing that can cause a fire; it’s the appliances that you have in your tiny house. If they’re old, irregularly serviced, or not set up in the right (i.e., too much voltage going into one plug) then you’re living with a high risk of fire.


Even things that conduct activity behind the scenes, such as your washer and dryer, can have an effect. Indeed, dryer duct cleaning is one of the best fire preventative measures you can take, purely because it so quickly fills up with lint and other flammable materials. Whatever appliances you’re taking into your home, make sure they’re of good quality and safe to use.




Safety Equipment


As we said above, you can’t always keep fires from happening. You can, however, control how you prepare for and react to these incidences. In your tiny house, make sure you have all the necessary fire equipment ready just in case the worst should happen. This means having a fire alarm, extinguisher, and also knowing what to do in case of a fire.



Having an extinguisher on hand is one way of keeping your tiny house safe from fire.



Plan Your Escape


Finally, remember to think about your own safety, not just that of the tiny house! Have a plan in place for what you’d do in case of a fire. For example, do you have a separate entry at the back of the tiny house that would allow for an exit? Always plan an escape route for a fire in your tiny house.


There are many smart ways you can keep your tiny house safe from fire.



You now know a few precautions and simple ways of keeping your tiny house safe from fire. Do you have other ways to prevent fires in your home? Please share them in the comment box below.




  1. Lets we say that the tiny house very simple life to live in and very natural. It comes from the article to be safe a tiny house that is true and correct for the safety on fire but also we need to be checked the electric wiring and other connection because that is can start the fire even we unplug our electric appliance.

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