Pets at Home: Tips on How to Keep Them Clean

Pets are great companions to have around in your house; from the moment you welcome them to your home, you give them pet names and eventually start taking care of them, you will feel a sense of warmth and happiness. However, most pet-owners face a dilemma whether such animals are worth keeping given the hassle of always having to keep the house, and the pet clean at the same time. Well, it is a tiring job especially when you have to juggle work and attend duties daily. This is the time to research and invest in certain handy tools and ingredients that will ease your trouble, and attain satisfaction as a pet owner. Here are some tips that will ensure you enjoy the experience as a pet owner:

Utilize rugs

You might already have some rugs lying around in your home. If you don’t, then go for trendy rugs of various color schemes. Place these rugs as indoor doormats in front of each door. Then, your pet can not carry in water and dirt inside the home. Placing these rugs under your dining table, sofa, or anywhere your pet is likely to lounge, is recommended. The best part about these rugs is that it doesn’t allow anything to soak in, and it can be cleaned using a damp rag. You may also opt for ‘carpet tiles’ in case of stains that cannot be removed because you can just replace the square instead of the whole rug.

Pets on a carpet

Dark paint is the way to go

To hide smears from wet noses and mud from wagging tails left by your pets, you can paint the kitchen cabinets or walls of other areas with dark color. Depending on your choice of dark paint, it can be wiped down easily. However, if leaving such marks unnoticed worries you, then you can invest in ultraviolet light that will highlight areas touched by your pet.

Use cooking spray to spray your pet’s food bowls

You can prevent the stains on your pet’s food bowls from setting in by spritzing it with cooking spray. Using Olive oil won’t add calories to your pet’s diet. Not only does it clean the bowl easily, but is good for the skin, and coat of your pet.

Buy latex gloves

Discontinue using lint brushes. Get a pair of latex gloves because it does a far better job at catching pet hairs when you rub your hands along your car, sofa, and chair. Once the pet hairs accumulate on your gloves, you can run them underwater to get rid of the fur.

latex gloves

Shaving cream should be the new addition to your cleaning supply kit

There’s no point in spending a fortune on pet stain products promising to remove stains effectively. Shaving cream works best in this case, especially on the toughest stains such as cat pee and dog vomit. It is better to use foam rather than gel. You just have to spray on the stain, allow it to sit, and foam for a minute, then wipe the place with warm water.

Use a DIY cleaning solution to remove urine stains

Toilet training your new puppy is a must. But it should not be limited to only training these animals as pet bunnies, cats, and other such small animals are prone to accidents too. From a hygiene perspective, it is essential to ensure quick and thorough cleaning of urine or vomit stains. This will eliminate odors and prevent your pets from going back to those spots.

Despite thorough cleaning of your surroundings, the uric acid will often linger because pet urine is quite strong. This is why using products that contain enzymes is advised as it can neutralize uric acid. If you fail to find such pre-made solutions, then you can go for a homemade solution. Fill a spray bottle with a cup of vinegar, and water along with two teaspoons of baking soda. Blotting up urine as much as possible is best before applying the solution. Make sure such solutions are approved by your vet.

puppy being scolded for having an accident

Wrap baby wipes over a skewer

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to clean hard-to-reach areas where your pets leave a mess every chance they get. By wrapping baby wipes on skewers, you can clean every nook and crannies such as cracks, and crevices between hardwood floors and bathroom corners; where pet dirt tends to build up.

Baby wipes can also be used to quickly clean dirty paws, or smelly drools of your pet. Besides, if your pet is occasionally reluctant to take bath then wiping them with wipes will not only partially clean them but also pull loose or shedding hair.

Stocking up on affordable decorative throws will come in handy

Cozy blankets are ideal for relaxation, both for you and your pets. Especially when tossed over the end of your bed, or on the seat cushion of your chair. Not only does it ensure comfort but also prolongs the life of your furniture by keeping it intact. Select fabrics that are 100 percent cotton or acrylic-cotton blend. Both can be cleaned using a washing machine and can handle wear and tear.

Use these simple yet efficient tips to keep your pets and your home clean as possible.

Always keep an emergency cleaner at hand

Fill up a squirt bottle partly with water, and vinegar along with a drop of dish soap of your choice. This cleaning agent is safe for your pets. And it is guaranteed to work on everything from floors to walls and even on your suede furniture.

Being a pet owner has its challenges, which is why it isn’t a walk in the park. But, if you research well enough, interact with other pet-owners, consult with your vet, and invest in the right tools and ingredients, then you will eventually enjoy the whole process. Such hassles shouldn’t prevent you from owning a pet. These animals can elevate your mood, and bring out a lively ambiance to your home. Happy cleaning!

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