Keeping a Dog and a Clean Home

A lot of people think that keeping a dog and a clean home is a virtual impossibility. They think that once a dog is allowed into the home, muddy paws, dog hair and bad smells will take over. They think the place will go to rack and ruin.


Having a furry friend around can make the household chores a little more difficult. It simply is not true to say that you cannot keep a clean home if you have a dog. Having a four-legged friend is such a wonderful thing. You should not let it put you off.


If you want to bring a dog into your life, you just need to apply a few smart techniques to help you keep the house as clean as you like it. Here’s where to start:


Keeping a Dog and a Clean Home



Use a Roomba


The ultimate in keeping on top of the chores without having to be constantly attached to the vacuum cleaner, the Roomba is a robot vacuum that you can set to start picking up those hairs at any time you like. Have fun chasing the pooch around the room picking up his debris as he goes and you won’t have to vacuum multiple times to ensure that those pesky pet hairs are kept to a minimum in your home.



Invest in a Lint Roller


Of course, some dog hair is pretty persistent, and some fabrics are like velcro to dog hair. That’s why it is a good idea to invest in a trusty set of lint rollers like this one from Scotch Brand, that you can use to remove hair from pillows, couches, curtains (yes you will get hair on your curtains) and even your clothing. They are an invaluable tool for any dog owner to have in their cleaning arsenal.




Cut His Nails


Cutting a dog’s nails needs to be a bit more precise than cutting your own. You can cause them damage if you aren’t careful. Learn how to do it correctly. Invest in the best tools possible, like Hertzco nail clippers.  Keep your pooches nails trimmed so that he won’t scratch your floors or tear holes in your upholstery (good training will help with that too).




Flea Treat Her


If you don’t want your rugs, couches and other fabrics in your home to be overrun by itchy, nasty fleas, then you need to use a product such as PetAction to protect your pooch. It will keep your home pest free, and more importantly, it will stop your dog from feeling the discomfort that infestations bring.




Always Have Stain Remover on Hand


It doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is; there will be accidents. Maybe your dog will get sick. Or maybe he won’t be able to hold it in. Maybe you’ll get delayed and won’t be able to let him out at his usual time, resulting in accidents. The quicker you can treat the resulting stains, the better it will be for your home.


Try this pet stain remover from Rocco and Roxie.




Install a Doormat and Footbath


It is possible to buy a doormat that sucks a lot of dirt and debris off the feet when one stands upon it. They are very good at dealing with muddy paws. However, for seriously muddy situations, having a small tub filled with water and a little dog-friendly soap (and a towel) outside the door. This way you can clean your pup off before letting him back in. It is a great way to keep muddy messes to a minimum.



Throws are a Dog Owner’s Best Friend


Dog’s might be man’s best friend. But the true proud dog owner’s best friend is the humble throw. Throws can be used to cover your couches, chairs, beds and anywhere else that your dog likes to wander. Then they can be easily removed when they need to be cleaned. This protects your stuff from getting too hairy or smelly.  It ensures that your dog can live in your home in as much comfort as you.




Use Rimmed Trays


As you may know, dogs aren’t exactly refined eaters. If you want their feeding area to be as tidy as possible, not to mention less of a chore for you to clean up, use a rimmed food tray. You can place it under his dishes to catch any spillages that may occur. Instead of having to clean up the floor, you can simply clean up the tray and bowls.




Durable is Desirable


When you’re living with a dog, and when you’re living on a homestead, it makes sense to invest in the most durable materials you can find. The more durable your things are, the longer they’ll last. They are less likely to be ruined by an overexcited dog’s paws. So, stain-resistant materials, wooden floors, leather couches etc., are the way to go.



Baking Soda is Best


The best way to stop your home from smelling like a dog is to have your dog regularly bathed and groomed. You can hire a professional to do this, or do it yourself. If smells do stick around, in carpets, for example, sprinkle the affected area with baking soda, leave it a while and then vacuum it up. The room will smell as fresh as a daisy. Especially if you spray a little water and alcohol mixed with a few essential oils around the place too.


It is absolutely possible to keep a dog and have a clean home.



It really isn’t that difficult to keep the homestead clean. Even when you bring a dog into your life, with just a little effort. But if you aren’t prepared for the extra work involved and if you value the cleanliness of your home more than the happiness of your dog it is probably not in your best interests or the dog’s to get one. Think carefully before you bring a pet into your life. They need a lot of love, attention and picking up after!


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