Keep Your Southern Home Cool in the Heat: 5 Tips

Living in the south means that heat is a part of life.  Not only can summers get hot, but they can get sticky with the moisture in the area so that you can’t even fully dry off when you get out of the shower. So instead of despairing or leaving your southern paradise for frigid winters in the north: keep your southern home cool.

Here are the top ways to keep your southern home cool in any weather.

Thermometer showing high heat in summer

Cover Your Windows In the Heat

The best way to keep your southern home cool in the summer is to cover your windows. At the worst points of the day, when the hot sun is pouring into your windows, your home can feel like an oven.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Instead, work to keep temperatures down by covering your windows with both blinds and thick curtains.  If you’re expecting an extreme heatwave and want to protect your home, you can tape aluminum foil over your windows to reflect the heat out and keep your home cooler. 

Ensure Moisture Is Kept at Bay

If you’ve looked at any Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, you know firsthand how sticky the heat can be in the south.  This humidity can be overwhelming. Making 80 degrees feel suffocating despite how manageable that heat may be in drier areas.  To fight off this type of wet heat, it’s a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier. This is another great way to keep your southern home cool. The thinner the air is, the cooler you will feel, even if the temperature is the same.  Ensuring that your home has less moisture can also help with allergies and can help your furniture and belongings last longer.

Close All Interior Doors

The smaller space you’re in, the easier it is to cool the area.  In the peak of temperatures, try to move into a room that gets less sunlight and has lower ceilings and less surface area.  This room will cool faster and stay cool for longer. Therefore, you don’t have to have your air conditioner running constantly.  Although it might seem ridiculous to have to close off your home like this, especially in the south, where hospitality is key, keeping doors closed will ensure that you can keep your southern home cool and allow for more spaces stay cooler for longer.

Make The Most of Fans

Ceiling fans are great, but personal fans can change the game when it comes to keeping your southern home cool.  Some stores have inexpensive desk fans that can push out a lot of air at high speed.  Buy one of these fans, and in the worst heat, take it with you from room to room. Of course, this might sound ridiculous and could be embarrassing to start doing. Still, once you get in the habit, you’ll realize that you have more energy and more ability to move around and complete things that would have been impossible otherwise

Don’t Use Your Oven During Daylight.

Cooking is a joy, and it feels so good to create a meal and feed your family. But don’t use the oven if the sun is still out.  Your oven can raise the temperature of your entire home by five degrees, and in hot summer weather, that’s an unbearable amount. Instead, either meal plan and bake ahead of time, or create dishes that can only be completed on the stovetop.

Living in the south means that heat is a part of life. So instead of despairing or leaving your southern paradise for frigid winters in the north: keep your southern home cool.

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Southern Home Cool

Keeping your southern home cool is easy when you follow the suggestions above. It can also cut down on your power bill which will save you some money too.

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