How To Keep Your Pool Safe This Summer

There is no better way to enjoy the summer than to laze in the swimming pool while the sun is out. However, you must know how to keep your pool safe this summer too.

There’s still plenty of time to get a swimming pool installed, especially if you opt for an above-ground model. These are quick to set up, and they are inexpensive compared to other models. 

It also gives you some time to figure out whether you are happy with the pool use and location. This way you can decide to have a permanent in-ground swimming pool installed. This way, you can decide to work with professionals offering pool installation melbourne services and have a permanent in-ground swimming pool installed. 

Above ground pool

Adding a permanent swimming pool to your property is a considerable investment. But it can significantly increase your property value and your home comfort.

Additionally, in the middle of the summer heat, a pool can act as a soothing point. Indeed, it can help you refresh and decrease your body temperature.

But, a body of water can also help reduce the perceived temperature by a few degrees, keeping your home fresh and cozy. However, a swimming pool is not without risks. So, if you decide to add one to your yard, make sure you are prepared to tackle issues!

Above ground pool on a hillside

Water can attract pests

Especially during the summer season, a body of water can become a magnet for a variety of local pests, including mosquitoes and other bugs. An in-ground pool can be an inviting surface for animals. It offers an area where they can drink and refresh themselves.

You might even find snakes cooling down in the water. Unfortunately, if your pool has a ladder rather than accessible stairs or a slope, they may get stuck in the water and be unable to get out. 

Yet, even above-ground pools are a danger area, attracting insects. Bug sprays may not be safe to use above the water, as toxins can fall into the pool.

Instead, you may want to reach out to a professional pest removal company that can provide family and pet friendly treatments to use around and above the pool. 


Small children and pets can fall

You should never leave the pool unattended. Especially if you have young children or pets at home.

Families report tragic drowning cases as kids or animals fall into the water every year. So, if you have an easily accessible pool, such as an in-ground installation, you want to consider the addition of a safety pool cover.

A cover can prevent many accidents while preserving your water.

pool cover

Don’t let algae grow

Hot temperatures and stagnant water is the quickest recipe to turn your pool green with algae! So, you need to ensure your filtration system is suited for the size of your pool, keeping the water clean and moving. 

Additionally, you can research targeted pool water treatments that protect the water quality. Chemical treatments are effective in getting rid of algae, but they can be toxic, making the pool unsafe for children and pets who may accidentally drink the water. 

Typically, pool dealers can help advise during the installation and purchase, helping you understand what you need to look after your investment. 

Are you ready to sit back and enjoy the pool this summer while sipping a delicious fruity mocktail? That’s the way to spend quality time in the sun! But if you opt for a pool addition, do make sure to keep it safe for all!

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