What Can You Do To Keep Your Livestock Safe?

Handling livestock on your homestead is a true job. Along with the safety of your family and farm, you must know how to keep your livestock safe also. In this post I will sahe some tips to do just that.

Ensure the best practices for handling them

Livestock, especially larger ones, can be a little easily started. As such, any time that you have to handle them, whether it’s to prepare them for health treatments, to transport them, or otherwise, you should be careful about how you do it. Livestock handling training for you and any staff you have helping move them can be vital for teaching you the appropriate safety considerations. You should ensure that you have well-made handling facilities, as well. Even walking surfaces, good lighting, and the like to prevent any accidents and injuries.

Livestock handlers

Set up the appropriate barriers for them

Whether you’re installing them around your general perimeter, or you want to place them somewhere you might have to keep your livestock while they’re been treated, groomed, milked, or otherwise handled, you need to ensure that they can’t simply wander off.

Using commercial railings for treatment areas, and fencing around the general property that they’re allowed out on can make sure that they can’t wander off. Especially onto any nearby roads where passing vehicles are a constant concern. Keep checking your boundaries and your barriers. Make sure that they’re in good and sturdy condition to prevent anyone from wandering off the farm.

A calf at a wire fence

Be mindful of predators

Of course, not all injuries that can befall livestock are going to be accidental, either. If you have predators in your area, you had best be sure to find out what kinds are out there. That way you can take the right precautions to protect your livestock.

You can ensure this, in part, by employing guardian animals, such as dogs and donkeys, to protect your herds. There are always ways to disrupt the predators’ schedules. These include finding and blocking entry points to your property, or even keeping an eye out to thwart their hunting attempts. If they are repeatedly unsuccessful, they are likely to move on.


Prevent the spread of diseases

The disease can ravage a farm if it’s allowed. Aside from doing what you can to treat livestock when they get sick, there is a lot you can do to try and stop diseases from spreading. This includes keeping your animals as safe and dry as possible. Invest in the space they need to avoid overcrowding. Routinely clean your feeding and watering areas. If any animals do show signs of disease, you want to isolate and treat them as soon as possible. This will stop any potential spread.

Accidents and unexpected events are going to happen and, at some point, you might well have to tend to some injured livestock. However, the tips above can help you keep your livestock safe as best as possible.

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