Guide To Keep Your House In Tip-Top Shape

A home appears to be the biggest financial investment in life to many of us. And that is exactly the reason why you want to keep your house in tip-top shape both in terms of functionality and visual perception.

This can be achieved in several ways. The first option is to apply for help from a professional service company provider, such as, for example. The other solution is to do things by yourself. This requires some time and skill.

Taking care of a house means multiple responsibilities. These include cleaning and fixing stuff that has been broken. Preventive actions must be taken at times. It is most important when owning an apartment or a house.

There is a system of dividing home maintenance tasks into lists according to when they need to be completed. Having a schedule is not only effective and helpful, but convenient as well.

In this post you will be introduced to such methods. In the paragraphs below we will talk about monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually chores and tasks. They will be your must-haves to keep your house in tip-top shape. Read on!

Woman mopping the floor with a cleaning bucket of cleaners


Some important tasks should be done once in a month.

Clean the tubes in the kitchen sink.

While the dishes are washed in the sink, a lot of leftovers are stuck at the disposal. To clean it, you can try specialized cleansers or home-made ones like vinegar ice cubes.

Clean filters.

Filters, regardless of what kind, tend to get extremely dirty. So, they have to be either cleaned or changed monthly.

Check the extinguisher.

Simple safety measure – check if the extinguisher works. You can take it to a local fire department to have it tested and recertified.


Check the bathrooms in unused spaces.

When there are a few bathrooms in the house, one or the other may not be used for a long time. Still, you have to run water in there from time to time. This keeps build-up from accruing along side of the tank and under the rim.

Inspect smoke detectors.

Likewise detectors usually have a button that tests it. In the case that you do not hear the alarm, it is your sign to replace the batteries or even the entire detector

Man checking the smoke detector


Take a look at the water heater.

Depending on the quality of water in your region, the boiler can fail in fulfilling its responsibilities. Consequently, as you clean it you automatically prolong its ‘life durability’.

You can also have a professional service it and keep up with the maintenance.

Deep wash the carpets.

Mere vacuuming, even if done a few times a week, should be backed-up by a deeper cleaning process.

Annually (Organized by Season)

Seasonal cleaning (spring, summer, fall, winter) should be done every year. Annually, a massive clear-out should take place. This is called spring-cleaning., You can conduct it in any season you prefer though.

Spring cleaning is a time for decluttering and cleaning out those areas that are normally not bothered with.

Using these tips and guidelines should help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

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