Clever Ways To Keep Your Homestead Secure

Everyone’s home is their castle. It’s the one place in the world where you deserve to feel completely relaxed and at peace. It’s the only place where you can let down your defenses and feel truly… well… at home. But when your home is also a homestead, it takes on a whole new level of importance because you want to keep your homestead secure.

For the self-sufficient, the home is not just a roof over their head and shelter from the elements. It’s the source of their food and their livelihood. As such, it behooves us to take special measures to improve its security. This means both in terms of protecting ourselves from everything and it is why it is so important to keep your homestead secure. From would-be intruders to time wasters and to protect our crops from the curious hooves, paws, and cropping teeth of local wildlife.

Fortunately, as in most things, technology is your friend when it comes to securing your homestead. These technologically led times have created a plethora of ways in which you can operate in safety and security thanks to a wide range of clever and affordable contraptions. Here we’ll look at some clear ways to keep your homestead secure…

keep your homestead secure

Clever Ways To Keep Your Homestead Secure


Fencing is the most integral part of your homestead’s security. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can keep your homestead secure by offering intruders the chance to duel with you as though it’s 16th century France (although you could also do that).

Establishing a secure perimeter is one of the most rudimentary but important ways of keeping both human and animal intruders at bay. Aside from a robust perimeter fence to deter intruders, you should also invest in deer netting to keep these inquisitive and beautiful but potentially damaging intruders away from your crops. You should also not neglect to erect a sign letting passersby know that your land is private property.  

keep your homestead secure

Your Garage and Tool Shed

Your garage is where you keep your vehicles (and potentially any vehicle sized farming equipment) safe from the prying eyes of prowling thieves. The contents of your garage represent a sizeable investment so it’s essential that they are kept safe.

Unfortunately, while we may assume that a locked garage door is all the security we need, this is often not the case.  Not all garage doors protect your vehicle as well as perhaps they should.

Many garage doors can be broken into using a process called fish hooking. Not only could this compromise your vehicles’ security, but there’s also the risk of thieves breaking into your home through the garage. Invest in the right garage door services for your property and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your garage is secure. This will help you keep your homestead secure too.

A well-equipped homestead is also likely to have a range of expensive agricultural tools in its shed and if you’re looking for ways to keep your homestead secure we go over a few here. Securing both the garage and the tools sheds are both great ways to keep your homestead secure.

keep your homestead secure


If you keep expensive belongings in your home, tool shed, or garage, then you should also consider installing a safe. Items like jewelry, large volumes of cash, or expensive tools or computer equipment should not be left out, especially if you may spend extended periods away from your homestead.

Fort Knox Safes are secure and can come in various sizes, so they can easily be placed within your homestead to keep your homestead secure. Safes with thick layers of steel are more impenetrable to intruders, but even an essential safe will deter thieves than if your belongings are left out within the home. 

While all the other security precautions, such as smart locks, will most likely deter potential intruders, a safe provides you with the ultimate confidence that your belongings are completely secure. 

Remember, while an intruder may not be looking for sentimental items like photographs or keepsakes, knowing that they are stored within your safe will not only give you peace of mind but also means they are instantly retrievable. A family member won’t need to search through piles of boxes to find them.

A safe may be an ideal location for your precious belongings because a well made safe will be fireproof. While no one wants a fire on their homestead, a safe brings peace of mind that if a fire were to occur, your most valuable and precious belongings would not perish or be in any way damaged by the fire. 

See Who’s Coming

There’s nothing worse than having your busy day disrupted by an unexpected (and unwanted) caller at the front door. You don’t want your daily chores to be disrupted by the presence of an obnoxious door to door salesman. You also don’t want to miss a visit from someone important because you’re in the backyard milking your goat or sowing potato seeds.

Digital video doorbells can protect you from both scenarios. When someone approaches the door and pushes the buzzer an HD video is sent directly to your smartphone. This way you can see exactly who’s at the door without having to drop what you’re doing to investigate. This is yet another great way to keep your homestead secure and see what’s going on outside.

How Smart are Smart Locks?

As important as it is to keep intruders out of your home, it’s also vital that you know that you can always find your way in. This is great way to keep your homestead secure.For centuries, our dependence on door keys has created problems. Keys can get lost, they can get misplaced or they can fall out of our pockets. Smart locks can save you from your reliance on keys. Although the traditional keys can still be retained if you still want them.

Smart locks are robust and impervious to picking and breaching while offering a level of convenience that can make the busy life of a homesteader that much easier. A smart lock can be locked or unlocked through your smartphone from almost anywhere.

This means that you can admit a guest into your home without dropping your duties. It means you don’t need to leave a key with your neighbor if you go away for the day. However, it’s vital to choose the right smart lock for your homestead’s needs. Some are activated via Bluetooth so you will need to be on-site to use them. Others use fingerprint scanners or keypads while others use a code transmitted through a fob or through your phone.

Whatever solutions you use, the technological age can lead you to a safer homestead. Hopefully, some of the tips here will help you keep your homestead secure.

Here is an excellent infographic with 10 security tips to secure your home after lockdown:

10 Home Security Tips To Secure Your Property After Lockdown By Keys 4 The City

Clever Ways To Keep Your Homestead Secure

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Homestead Secure

Do you have any tips on keeping your homestead secure? Please add your tips and suggestions below.

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