How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Many people use artificial scents to mask smells or because they think this is the best way to keep your home smelling fresh. However, when you live in a home that has these, you become immune or ‘nose-blind’ to their smells. So you may not even notice, or you may feel that you need to use more. 

To anyone unaccustomed to these smells, they can be overpoweringly sweet or artificial in fragrance. You could find that your guests or visitors are quick to move to a less scented area of your home or room. Or they very quickly come down with headaches.

In order to move away from these very expensive and really quite intrusive and artificial forms of air fresheners or scents, you could try a more natural approach. Here are some great ideas to keep your home smelling fresh.

Woman enjoying a fresh smelling home

#1 Use natural ventilation

Use natural ventilation choices, open windows and doors to let air streams through. Even if you use air conditioning in your home, you will find that it can be stale air that you are breathing in.

This is because air conditioners merely recirculate air rather than pump fresh air through the ducts. Opening windows and doors even for a short period every day can help with the odors within a home. And even more so when combined with other methods of freshening up the area.

Woman opening windows

#2 Deep clean carpets and upholstery

You would be amazed at the smells that can be soaked up by soft furnishings and carpets. Vacuum cleaning will only remove dirt, hairs, and dust mites from your carpets. It won’t remove the smell.

For this, you will need to bring in professional carpet cleaning services. Not only will your carpets smell fresh, but they will also look great after they have been cleaned. And so much so that you will wonder why you hadn’t had it done before.

Cleaning carpets

#3 Bring freshly cut flowers into your home

Once you have ventilated your home well and cleaned your carpets, you should consider incorporating some freshly cut flowers into your home’s décor. Of course, you do not have to buy a whole florist’s worth. Unless you want to.

However, you should make sure that you have the abilities and facilities to show your favorite blooms off before you buy them. It is a good idea to invest in a few different types, shapes, and sizes of vase. This is so that you will have a vessel for any sort of flower arrangement you happen to purchase and will provide interest in a room even when they are left empty.

Vase of flowers

To wrap it up

Get some fresh air into your home. Try to move away from the over-perfumed air freshener that you can buy over the counter. Even if you are not masking other smells with these strong scents, it is likely to make any visitors or guests think that you are. 

Invest in getting your carpets professionally cleaned, you won’t regret it, and it may make your carpet last longer too. Fill your home with beautiful flowers. Their blooms and delicate scents will work wonders for how you feel. And it will enhance the way your home looks and smells to others.

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