Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer With These Tips

Do you feel like you are continually cleaning your home? Research shows the average American spends five hours and 54 minutes cleaning their home each week. Sweeping and dusting the house were found to be the most time-consuming tasks, so if it feels like you spend all your free time cleaning, you might be right!

Keeping up with the cleaning can feel like a neverending task, and you may get tired of repeatedly scrubbing and vacuuming the same parts of your home. While few people enjoy doing chores, the alternative is to have a messy home, which is also an unappealing prospect.

So, finding ways to keep your home cleaner for longer is an exciting idea. While there will always be cleaning jobs to complete around the house, these tips should help you keep it looking cleaner for longer:

Woman cleaning her home

Keep the Dirt Outside

Life on a homestead can be muddy and dusty, which is bad news for your house. Keeping the mud and dust outside will help reduce the need to sweep and vacuum quite so often and keep your home looking neater between cleans.

The best way to make sure the dust and mud stay outside is to remove your shoes as soon as you arrive home. Walking around your home with your shoes on transports dust, dirt, allergens, and even bacteria around your home.

So, making sure that you take off your shoes each time you come in will prevent the soles of your footwear from causing you extra cleaning duties.

Don’t forget it’s not just your shoes that can transfer dirt into the house; your clothes can also do this. If you have been working on the homestead, your clothing may also contain dirt that spreads around the house.

Rain boots on stoop by front door

Purify Your Air

Protecting the quality of the indoor air in your home is not only good for your health, but it could also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning each day.

If the air in your home is filled with particles of pollen, dust, pet fur, and dander, the chances are it will settle on your surfaces. These airborne particles can exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions and make your home look less than clean.

But, there are ways to help minimize the number of airborne pollutants circulating your home and causing issues. Using an air purifier such as the Hunter tower air purifier with Eco-Silver and true HEPA filter will help remove particles in the air such as pet fur, dust mite debris, and dust.

With these airborne particles no longer traveling around your home, you may notice that your surfaces stay free of dust a little longer.

Air purifier in home

As well as using an air purifier, it is also wise to keep up with your HVAC maintenance. If your air ducts and filters are blocked and not working efficiently, they could be creating extra cleaning for you.

When these components of your HVAC become clogged, they may start to distribute the dust, pollen, and other debris that have collected and circulated throughout your home. Once this starts happening, you may notice a significant increase in the amount of dusting you need to do each week.

Scheduling routine HVAC maintenance from an air duct cleaning company and getting the filters and ducts cleaned is an effective way to keep your system working correctly. Once your system has been serviced and is working efficiently, it should stop debris from being transported around your home.

HVAC man with new filter

Clean Effectively

Cleaning your home regularly is crucial, but how you clean it matters too. Using the wrong tools or techniques to clean your home can make your job even harder and won’t achieve the long-lasting results you are hoping for. You may want to consider a Riccar Supralite for your next vacuum choice.

If you want to reduce the frequency that your vacuum and how long it takes each time, then ensuring that your vacuum cleaner is emptied regularly is essential. Vacuum cleaners can experience a loss of suction if the filter is clogged up with dust, hair, and debris.

If your vacuum has a clogged filter, you likely find yourself vacuuming over the same parts of your home, again and again, to try and suck up the dirt without much success. Once the vacuum cleaner has been emptied and the filter is clean, you should notice a marked difference in how clean your carpets appear.

Gloves and a spray bottle

Final Thoughts on How To Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer

While cleaning your home is not one of life’s most exciting jobs, it is crucial. Hopefully, these tips help keep your home cleaner for longer and reduce the time you spend on chores each week.

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