How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Learn how you can keep your home clean and healthy and save yourself a lot of time and undue stress.A clean home is a healthy home, so if you start with one, the other follows.

Whether you use a cleaning service, spend some time in the week cleaning yourself, or a combination of both, maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of your home goes a long way to supporting health.

Dad and son cleaning the living room floor together

Reduce the Clutter 

Even if you live alone, your home can become cluttered; it’s what happens when you live a busy life and don’t have enough time for yourself. If you have a partner or family, the clutter can be even worse, and it contributes to stress that is bad for your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Clutter causes stress in two ways, it makes you think you can do more work to prevent you from switching off, and it distracts your mind making you feel fractured and discordant. Start to reduce clutter with storage boxes or minimize your home entirely by downsizing your items.   

Woman decluttering home

Clean the Carpets 

Carpets are an excellent choice for many rooms in the home; they are cozy and comfortable. That’s why many homes use carpets in the bedrooms, the hallways, and the living rooms. However, carpets are also higher maintenance; they need to be cleaned and treated regularly.

Dust mites live in carpets that can cause allergies. These allergies have symptoms of sneezing and coughing, which is not something you need in your life. It’s best to hire a service such as Clear View Chem-Dry to treat your carpets professionally and ensure your home is healthy. 

Professional cleaning carpets

Clean the Upholstery 

It’s not only carpets that need professional treatment now and again; upholstery does as well, especially upholstery that is made with materials and textiles. Like carpets, these furniture items can host dust mites that cause allergies, so deep clean them regularly with a Chem-Dry service.

It’s best to use a service such as Chem-Dry for upholstery because it is awkward to clean by yourself. While it is possible to buy cleaning products from the local shops that remove stains and freshen things up, you don’t get the same results as a professional deep cleaning service.  

Cleaning upholstery

Create Natural Light 

If you want your home to be healthy and happy, you need to make sure you get enough natural light in the main rooms of the home. Natural light is not only good for your circadian rhythms and, therefore, your sleep patterns; it also brings vitamin D into your body, supporting health. 

Sleep is one of the most important factors in keeping you healthy and supporting your general wellbeing. Without adequate sleep, every aspect of your life is likely to suffer, such as your concentration, memory, and your moods. Natural light in the daytime helps you sleep at night. 

Natural light in bedroom

Make Relaxation Space

A home should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, so it’s a good idea to create a relaxation space that supports your wellbeing. Whether this is a sauna in the bathroom, a garden room outside, or a cozy corner somewhere,, it should raise your inspiration levels.

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