4 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Well Maintained

While most people keep their kitchen clean before and after preparing any meal and otherwise as well, bathrooms are not cleaned that often. It is also imperative to keep your bathroom fresh and tidy.

Two rooms in the whole house must be kept clean and well maintained. These are the kitchen and bathroom. Both these rooms are highly functional areas of the house. But, these are also ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, which affects your health.

Furthermore, your guests use the room as well, so it is essential to create a good impression on them.

Luckily everyday maintenance and weekly cleaning are quite effortless if you are determined to do so. Besides, we are also here to help you out! Below are some tips you can try to keep your bathroom clean!

Clean Bathroom

Improve Ventilation

First things first, if your bathroom has a foul odor, you must do something about it. Not only does the smelling bathroom create a bad impression, but it also makes it challenging to use it. In fact, some people also complain about odor even if they clean the space regularly. Well, the reason could be poor ventilation.

You can use bathroom fans to vent out the air. Or, you can keep your windows open during mild weather. Likewise, you can use scented candles to make your bathroom look and smell better.

Not Every Item Is Meant To Be Flushed

Stating the obvious, you must keep your toilet clean. It must be done every week, if not every day. Otherwise, unclean toilets can lead to infections and affect your health. But, what most people don’t know is that what you flush in the toilet also plays a significant role in keeping the bathroom clean.

There are a few things you should never flush down the toilet, such as feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, chemicals like bleach, and more. These items can clog your toilet and cause an awful smell. Plus, these can lead to issues in the plumbing system.


Wash Your Towels

Another cause of the foul smell is used towels, especially if they are not completely dry. Therefore, you must wash your towels regularly and make sure they dry out fully. Otherwise, it’ll probably cause a musty smell. Similarly, if you have a floor mat in the bathroom, wash it often.

Tip: If you wish to keep your bathroom smell fresh even when you are not around, you can try placing a cup of vinegar on the floor. It will help keep the odor at bay when you are not around.

Wipe Sinks And Faucets

Water sports on the sinks and faucets do not look pleasing to the eyes. So, you must wipe them using a clean and dry towel after every use. Not cleaning water spots often can cause mold buildup.

Therefore, make sure that you wipe these areas after every use. Also, use cleaning solutions to remove germs. This is a great way to keep your bathroom clean and smelling great.

Sparkling clean bathroom

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

These are some of the ways in which you can keep your bathroom clean, fresh, and well-maintained. Not to mention, it is also good for hygienic purposes and reduces the chances of getting sick or infected.

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