8 Simple Interior Tips To Make Your Home Unique

In an attempt to create a fashionable interior and keep up with trends, you can forget about the most important thing. It’s the fact that home is our reflection, a place where we feel good. Here are 8 simple interior tips to turn a simply stylish interior into a unique and creative one.

Interior fashion is becoming less categorical and more and more open to experimentation. Design strives for uniqueness, individuality, and freedom of imagination.

Now is the time when every trend can be interpreted and interpreted in its own way. It sounds inspiring, but how exactly do you need to act, where do you start to write the story of your home?

Interior design tools

Learn the Basics and Look for Inspiration

The first of the interior tips is to start by learning about the main interior styles so you can choose the one you like best and take it as a basis. Determine what’s closer to you: the brutality and coolness of the industrial style, the Scandinavian coziness, or the quirkiness of boho?

When you understand what you like, it will be easier to choose items, guided by your gut. Examine interiors from Instagram pictures, not to repeat them, but to understand what your heart is in. 

Remember About Your Needs and Habits

A unique interior reads the habits of its owner. Think about your needs and habits at the planning stage. Do you like to drink coffee during or after breakfast, do you wear a bathrobe after showering, do you read electronic or paper books, do you buy magazines?

All of this will be reflected in the interior – so you create a home for yourself, rather than adjusting to the proposed environment. For example, you enjoy particular sports at 20Bet NZ, so you can add a corner dedicated to it with sports posters or even some sports equipment.

sport things in bedroom

Think of a Concept

Some interiors, which you like, can’t be attributed to any single style, but you can feel the idea, the general mood. Therefore another of the best interior tips is to make a mood board. This is a working tool for the designer, which helps to come up with a project concept.

A mood board is a collage made up of inspirational images of everything that resonates with you. It can be pieces of furniture and decor, ornaments, colors, interesting combinations, details that are associated with the future interior, such as a steaming pie, a stylish painting, a romantic dinner. What brings it all together will form the basis of the concept. 

Mixing Styles

Once you’ve chosen a basic idea, don’t be afraid to bend the rules and mix different techniques and trends in design. For example, by making one style the main one, you can dilute it with accessories and decor from other styles.

Here are a few examples of how you can mix styles:

  • Place classic accessories (chandelier, mirror, picture frames) among modern furniture.
  • Liven up a minimalist style with vintage decor and artwork.
  • Elements of stucco on the ceiling create a spectacular contrast with furniture of simple forms.
Picture frames and modern furniture

Classic Furniture Shapes Can Be Updated With Trendy Upholstery

Neutral finishes for walls, floor, and ceiling will act as a blank canvas on which you can place accents from different styles: art objects, vintage accessories, handmade.

Select furniture and decor from different interior styles, choose identical or related shades. Color harmony will help to combine different styles in one space.

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist is an Austin Kleon book and the best advice you can give a creative person. Nothing in the world is original, so don’t reject other people’s influences, collect ideas, think about them in new ways in search of your own way. Don’t pass someone else’s stuff off as your own, but take ideas, improve them, and adapt them to suit you.


Proven color combinations, versatile furniture, discreet decor are familiar and safe. Except that it lacks personality and soul. Therefore another great interior tip is to experiment.

Allow yourself to do with your apartment what you really want: to paint a wall in a bold color, choose a tablecloth with a funny print, keep a collection of vinyl records from your childhood, and put them in a prominent place, not in the closet. 

Living room after an interior design

What Else Helps Make an Interior Unique


Style is shaped by details, such as door handles, kitchen hardware, curtain rod ends. 


Art objects, photographs, collections – anything lovingly chosen, created, and composed by you personally makes the interior unique.

Misuse things

Try to think outside the box when it comes to the functionality of familiar things. For example, you can use a low wooden ladder as a rack for books, a wicker basket to store clean towels, and an old enamel jug adapted as a vase.

Mixed Sets

Create furniture sets from items from different collections, styles, eras. For example, a designer sofa and vintage chairs, chairs from different factories, and collections around the dining table. For the composition to look harmonious, there should be something in common between the items: color, texture, style.

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