The Latest Interior Design Trends

Will you soon move into a new home, or have you been living with the same tired interior design for the last few years? It might be the perfect time to redecorate.

There are many reasons to redecorate your home; maybe it’s a brand new home, in which case there are not many options; but most people begin to grow tired of the familiar colors and shapes of their rooms after a few years and desire to change things up.

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Why We Look at Interior Design Trends

Home decoration trends are always changing, meaning that your space can begin to feel a bit outdated over time. Interior design experts agree that redecorating your rooms every three to four years is a good idea and an average for most people. 

The changes aren’t always dramatic, they can sometimes be as simple as a change of color scheme, but even that can make all the difference. 

Many people want to update their home decor in the same way they might update their wardrobe, though granted, not as frequently. In the same way, wearing the latest fashion trends can enliven your spirits; the place where you live can have the same effect. 

Here we take a look at some of the latest interior decor trends. 

Latest Interior Design Trends To Look At

Earth Tones

The most popular color scheme for bedrooms and front rooms is changing from the popular Pantone, a classic blue embracing cool calming tones to a more earthy palette. Olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange are emerging as contemporary favorites. They create a comfortable woody feel in the home that brings us closer to ideas of nature, and the outdoors.  

earth tones

Multi-functional Spaces

The rise of remote working and home learning has encouraged many developers to use open floor plan designs. Some examples can be viewed at Utah Home Floorplans. The idea is to create spaces where family members can communicate, work, study, and play, all within the same living area. A kitchen island, for instance, is ideal for working as well and eating. Some children’s playrooms are also being incorporated into the main living areas to facilitate a variety of everyday tasks. 

home office

Curvy Shapes  

In furniture, bow-shaped sofas and undulating chairs are reemerging from the 60s and 70s with a modern twist. Lines and curves interact, creating contrast, and drawing attention to form. If you search for living room furniture these days, you are sure to come across this style. The free form designs emulate waves and again bring a sense of nature into the home.  

Curved look

Biophilic Design 

What is this when it’s at home? Biophilic design is a contemporary trend that values well-being in the house by implementing design ideas that reduce stress and normalize blood pressure levels. So how does it work?

It produces direct and indirect experiences of nature using natural light, incorporating water with fountains, and including a variety of plants, living walls, and indoor gardens. Biophilic design brings some of the healing power of nature into your home.  

Will you soon move into a new home or have you been living with the same tired interior design for the last few years? It might be the perfect time to redecorate.

Final Thoughts on Interior Design

There is a definite return to nature in modern interior design trends that reflect our needs as a modern society and our preoccupation with the environment. 

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