6 Tips You Should Follow When Installing A Garage Door

According to a recent survey, installing or replacing a garage door offers homeowners the highest investment returns. A garage door not only enhances the curb appeal but also improves the security and energy efficiency of the home.

However, garage door installation is not an easy task. There are so many factors to consider and analyze. If not, there would be safety hazards and costly repairs to sort out when the improper installation comes crashing down.

We’ve put together this guide of six tips for installing a garage door. 

Newly installed Black Garage Door

1. Take Accurate Measurements

The measurement of the garage door is a crucial determinant of how the result will turn out. If the door is not properly measured, it will either not fit the cutout space or not even function properly. 

A tape measure would give you an accurate measurement. You must also take note of the width and height of the door so you’ll have accurate dimensions.

Remember to leave some headroom and backroom so the door closes properly. If the door comes with any manufacturer’s instructions, do well to follow them to the letter.

2. Choose the Right Material

The durability, curb appeal, and security of your door depend on the material it is made with. When you’re choosing the right material, carefully analyze factors such as climate, level of maintenance required, and budget. 

The most popular options are:

  • Steel: for its durability, low maintenance, and high weather resistivity
  • Aluminium: for its lightweight nature, affordability, and non-corrosiveness
  • Wood: for the warmth and aesthetic it provides

You must pick a material that fits into your scope in terms of budget, weather conditions, and of course, preference.

Wood garage door

3. Install the Springs Correctly

The springs control the smooth opening and closing of the door. They also bear the weight of the entire door. Any malfunction can cause serious damage to both the door and the people around it. Therefore, you must ensure they are properly inserted and balanced.

The springs you’re using must be the correct size for the door. If they are evenly balanced, a majority of the factors that trigger a door malfunction will be eliminated.

4. Install the Opener

When you install the door opener, the first safety measure would be to ensure that the power supply is turned off. Then, you can proceed to check if the size of the opener works well with the weight and size of the garage door. 

After the installation, test run the setup to confirm the smooth functioning of your new add-on. If any adjustments need to be made, fix them immediately.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to engage the services of a reputed firm that offers garage door installation murfreesboro or elsewhere to ensure that the opener is installed correctly and safely. 

A professional installer can also provide valuable advice on maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your garage door opener.

Garage door opener

5. Weatherproof the Door

This is an essential step for those who live in regions with harsh temperatures. Install weatherstripping or a threshold at the door’s edges so that water or debris won’t get into your garage. If possible, insulate the door so the temperature in the garage stays at an average rate.

6. Proper Sealing

With proper sealing, you can ensure that no unwanted element gets access to the garage. The sides of the door must be tightly sealed against the door frame.

The hygiene and energy efficiency of the garage would also benefit from this tight sealing. This is true, especially, if you are going to convert your garage to more than just for parking your car.

Garage door sealed at the bottom

Final Thoughts

Accidents and improper installations are not uncommon. Your best bet on safety and efficiency would be to hire a professional garage door installer to get the job done.

However, if you insist on the DIY route, you can use these six tips to give yourself an edge in the safety zone.

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