How to Use An Infinity Mirror In Your Bathroom

Most houses today come complete with relatively small bathrooms. However, with a bit of clever designing, you can make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it actually is. You simply need to be clever with the furniture you use and where you place it in the room. And then you need an infinity mirror!


How to Use An Infinity Mirror In Your Bathroom


Buying an infinity mirror for your bathroom is one of the ways you can make your bathroom appear a lot bigger than it is. An infinity mirror boasts a very simplistic concept. However, the effects are dazzling. It is all in the name; an infinity mirror looks like it is going on forever.

infinity mirror

How does an infinity mirror work?

How does an infinity mirror work? Well, essentially the concept revolves around the Law of Reflection. The Law of Reflection basically defines that the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. But what does this mean for your mirror? It basically translates to the fact that there is one mirror and the rays of light are reflected against a second mirror. As a result, the appearance of infinity is created because this reflective process is never-ending.

An infinity mirror plays around with space and depth. If you place a standard mirror next to an infinity mirror of the same size then you will truly see the difference. The infinity mirror will not only look bigger in height but also in width and depth too. This illusion of bigger space transcends to the bathroom as a whole. It blurs the lines of the actual size and dimensions. Thus, this makes the room look a lot more spacey and bigger as well.


Why you should use an infinity mirror

In general, when you try to make your bathroom look bigger (or smaller) you play around with the use of mirrors anyway, as well as using tiny house kits to full effect. When relating this to standard mirrors you would have to think tactically about placement, size, and shape. However, an infinity mirror does all of the hard work for you. The sheer fact that the infinity mirror is placed in your bathroom does the trick alone. It exaggerates the entire look of your whole bathroom.

Whilst an infinity mirror works well to make your bathroom look bigger, it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that this type of mirror offers a lot more than mere size. After all, who would want a mirror that blurred dimensions but looked really ugly? Thankfully you don’t have this concern with an infinity mirror. They are highly glamorous, innovative and fashionable with regards to style. They will instantly capture the attention of anyone who walks into your bathroom because of their striking and dramatic appearance.


Final Thoughts

A lot of people feel that their bathroom space is too small. In general, this is the one room in the house whereby space is not offered in abundance. Nevertheless, you don’t have to simply put up with this. You can make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it is if you are clever with the furniture you buy. Infinity mirrors provide individuals with a small bathroom the perfect solution.


Using an infiinity mirror is an excellent way to make your bathroom appear larger.

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